While talking about MS Dhoni, most believe there no word such as impossible in his dictionary. Apart from being one of the most efficient finishers in cricket, Dhoni is also praised vividly for his lightning past work behind the stumps as well as his speed as he runs between the wickets. However, the latter skill once peaked so much so that it touched the 31 kph mark during a match against Australia and Dhoni is seen to have clearly beaten Shikhar Dhawan, his partner in the occasion, by miles .

In the clip, MS Dhoni is seen attempting for a couple of difficult runs as the fielder collects the ball while Dhoni is in midway to his crease. Dhoni, looking at the fielder, escalated his speed and eventually hit the 31 kph mark, while Dhawan was seen running at a speed of 16 kph. Here is the video:


The T20I series is now tied 1-1 between India and Australia and the final T20I at Hyderabad will decide the fate. India have previously won the ODI series 4-1.