VIDEO: Rubel Hossain threatens Naznin Akter Happy!

Bangladesh actress Naznin Akter Happy has filed General Diary citing insecurity with the Mirpur police station on April 16. The actress stated that Women’s Support and Investigation Division investigation officer Inspector Halima Khatun has submitted the final report to the court. According to Bangladesh Protidin, Happy said that after consultation with her lawyer and experienced people, in the final report to the court, she has decided to hear the appeal against Rubel Hossain and the court has forbidden her to speak on the matter. The final report which has been submitted to the court consists pictures and Skype recording between Happy and cricketer Rubel.

The following is the transcript of the conversation.

Happy: What happened?

Rubel: All I ask of you is to stay calm. You will not get to see those pics and video clips anywhere. Ever. You will be finished.

Happy: I am shocked! How could you betray my trust like this? I feel like dying!

Rubel: Stop play-acting. Stop. Listen to me…

Happy: Do you believe Allah is watching us?

Rubel: I cannot believe you dare pronounce Allah’s name. I know you are recording this.

Happy: How could you do this? Did you not even feel guilty?

Rubel: Don’t get agitated over this one picture. I have more in store.

Happy: Chhi!

Rubel: What do you mean, chhi?

Happy: Allah will punish you.

Rubel: What about you? You go around sleeping with men!

Happy: Don’t talk rubbish! How could even do this? Tell me, didn’t you hesitate even once?

Rubel: Don’t worry. I won’t do anything to you. But if you do something, I will get to know.

Happy: Really? Are you threatening me?

Rubel: See, I don’t have any intention to release what I have in public.

Happy: You just said that you are keeping a tab on me!

Rubel: You are hell-bent on finishing my career, my life, my family — everything — what will I live for? Did you not feel bad when you did all that?

Happy: Did you not feel bad when you did all that?

Rubel: You know very well that there is not going to be anything between us. Why are you trying to do all this?

Happy: Do one thing: just kill me. Please.

Rubel: See, if you lose your temper, you will harm only yourself. Don’t listen to others.

Happy: How did you do this?

Rubel: I am sending you all I have. See them one by one and delete them, okay?

Happy: What good will be my deleting? You have to delete them! How could you do this? How is it even possible?

Rubel: Where is your mobile phone?

Happy: I don’t have a mobile.

Rubel: Show me your mobile.

Happy: I don’t have a mobile.

Rubel: Let me see your mobile.

Happy: You don’t need to see my mobile.

Rubel: Are you recording this? Where did you acquire this talent from? What if I release all this in the market? Will you be able to show your face to anyone? Don’t lose your temper.

[Happy’s video appears]

Happy: I have recorded this entire conversation.