Virat Kohli‘s Team India are a vibrant bunch who love to live the moment. Though there is match pressure as they have arrived in South Africa, they do not let go the chances of having fun to the fullest. Recently, Kohli, along with Shikhar Dhawan, was seen dancing in the streets of South Africa. The two Indian cricketers, accompanied by their families, headed out to explore the life in Cap Town and spotted a band performing at one area. The catchy beats sounded similar to some Bollywood number and the two took no time to turn the street into a dance floor.


Dhawan was seen being interrupted by his son, who repeatedly wanted his dad to hold his hand. Apart from the two, many locals and tourists had gathered around and seemed to be enjoying Kohli and Dhawan’s dance. Dhawan, who had reportedly picked up an injury and might miss the first match of the series, looked fit, which is a positive sign for India.

India will play three Tests, six ODIs and three T20Is in the series.