Legendary cricketers Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid have created a lot of memories and interesting incidents together. The duo was the spine of Indian batting line up and bailed the team out with their consistency. The onus of scoring big runs was on their shoulders as the team relied heavily on these two.

In a video uploaded by StoryTrap on their official Faebook account, Tendulkar shared a fascinating anecdote from his heydays. During the 1999 New Zealand tour of India, the visitors crossed swords with the visitors in their first Test at Mohali. New Zealand speedster Chris Cairns was steaming in and getting the ball to reverse. He was creating doubts and trouble in the mind of Tendulkar and Dravid who were batting at the crease. They were getting beaten every now and then and batting was getting difficult as they were not able to pick the shiny side of the ball.

To counterattack this, Tendulkar came up with a strategy where the non-striker will keep a close eye on the bowlers hand and hold the bat in that hand in which the bowler has kept the shiny side of the ball in. This tactic started to work out as the bowler was taken for a surprise and taken for runs. After a reasonable amount of time, New Zealand fielders figured out the strategy as Tendulkar was consistently shuffling the bat at the non-strikers end.

This disturbed the bowler Cairns and then he held the ball cross seamed and then looked at Tendulkar with a disappointed face and uttered few words. But Tendulkar being a genius had a way out to this too.

It’s an amazing video which revives memories of their golden prime days. Stories like these make cricket more interesting and keeps the fan and followers intrigued. Undoubtedly, Tendulkar is a true genius of the game and this episode is another testament to his brilliance on the field.