Vinod Kambli says he will never raise his hand on anybody    Getty Images
Vinod Kambli says he will never raise his hand on anybody Getty Images

Former Indian cricketer Vinod Kambli, has denied the charges and said the allegations were “completely false.” “I will never do that… whatever the allegations… I think these are completely false. I will never raise hand on anybody, any woman. I pay all my servants… I have got another servant, she has been getting her salary… Why should we lock her, my door is open, we have got CCTV cameras everywhere,” Kambli told a TV news channel. An FIR was filed against Kambli and his wife Andrea for allegedly beating and abusing their domestic help after the latter demanded her salary. The maid Soni filed a complaint at the Bandra police station and has accused the duo of illegal confinement and non-payment of dues.

Asked whether he has been summoned by police, he said, “I have been meeting them [police], there will be investigation. We are very, very firm that they will come out with a good investigation and we are waiting for this, because this has affected my family…” Kambli also claimed that she had asked the complainant to leave the house after he got to know that “she has been taking drugs”. “When I came to know…when my wife told me she has been taking drugs… I just told her (maid) to leave the house and we did not do anything to her,” he said. The maid Soni had complained that the Kambli and his wife confined her to a room after she asked for her payment. She then headed to the police station as soon as she was let out of the confinement and made the complaint. ALSO READ: Vinod Kambli and wife accused of beating and abusing domestic help; FIR registered