Virat Kohli Does Not Even Come Close to Sachin Tendulkar, Babar Azam Does: Ex-Pakistan Pacer Mohammed Asif Claims

Abu Dhabi: Indians, who are ardent cricket fans, love comparisons, and statistics. Often, parallels have been drawn between former batting legend Sachin Tendulkar and current India captain Virat Kohli. Ex-Pakistan fast bowler Mohammed Asif is the latest to dive into the debate. As per Asif, he reckons Kohli is nowhere close to what Tendulkar was, but Pakistan’s premier batter Babar Azam is.

“Kohli is a bottom-hand player. He is doing well because of his fitness and it is supporting him. The moment he will face a decline, I don’t think Kohli can make a comeback. In fact, Babar is an upper-hand player like Sachin. His bat movement is fluent like Sachin. People say Kohli is better than Tendulkar. I say no. Virat does not even come close to Sachin. This is my opinion,” Asif said on CoverDriveCricket’s YouTube channel.

Hailing Tendulkar for his fluent cover-drives, Asif reckoned very few know about the legendary Indians all upper-hand technique while Kohli is a bottom-handed player.

“The way Sachin played was all upper hand and a very few people know about this technique. Be it coaches or anyone player. Sachin was so fluent with his cover drives, on drives pulls and cuts. No doubt Kohli has strokes as well, but his is all bottom hand,” said the former Pakistan pacers.

India will lock horns with Pakistan in the upcoming T20 World Cup on October 24. It will be the first match between the arch-rivals after the 2019 World Cup. Pakistan has never defeated India in a World Cup game.