"Hardik Pandya is very good at heart but he doesn't have any control over his tongue." - Virat Kohli    AFP
“Hardik Pandya is very good at heart but he doesn’t have any control over his tongue.” – Virat Kohli AFP

Hardik Pandya is the cool dude of the Indian cricket team. From tattoos to fancily coloured hair, Pandya has it all to live a thuggish life. They call him a Caribbean for his heavy voice. Virat Kohli now reveals more about the all-rounder. On Breakfast with Champions, Kohli said that Pandya does not know five words of the English songs he listens to.

Pandya irritates us with his songs

“We play just Punjabi music in the dressing room. Most of the players do not carry their iPods. Hardik Pandya has an iPod. It has all English songs. Pandya listens to English songs but he doesn’t know five words of even a single song. He just grooves to the music beats. We all get irritated with his songs, Kohli told the host Gaurav Kapur.

The Punjabis in the team

There should be a couple of Punjabis in the team. Shikhar Dhawan is there. Me too. We have logistics manager who is Punjabi – Hrishikesh Upadhyay. He is a Gujarati but born in Jalandhar. He is very entertaining.

Pandya does not have control over his tongue

“Pandya doesn’t think before speak. Once he wanted to take Ash’s (Ravichandran Ashwin s) name but he ended up saying ‘Ravikashyap Ashwin kya bowling karta hai yar’. He is very good at heart but he doesn’t have any control over his tongue.