Virat Kohli said he initially tried to fight the comparison between him and Sachin Tendulkar    IANS
Virat Kohli said he initially tried to fight the comparison between him and Sachin Tendulkar IANS

Among the most talented cricketers in the world stands Virat Kohli now, the Indian Test captain who once aspired to become a star batsman like Sachin Tendulkar. With his hard work now that he has achieved a lot, the swashbuckling cricketer reveals how he, in his initial phases of success, tried to stop the comparison between him and his idol Tendulkar but eventually gave up. Kohli also spoke about the madness for the game in India and how it is nearly impossible for the cricketers to move freely in and around the country due to the fandom he has. READ: Full Cricket Scorecard: India vs England 3rd Test at Mohali

In a candid interview with former England cricketer Michael Vaughan to The Telegraph, Kohli said, “This country loves comparisons. The moment I started doing well I was already compared to him [Tendulkar] but it is like chalk and cheese in my book. People come up and have debate and say you can break his records. You fight it for a while. You think why me? There are 10 more people in the team why do I have to go through this? There was so much persistence from the fans letting them know what they wanted from me. I stood on the boundary and all they say is they want a century from me. But then I realised that over a period of time you set those benchmarks and those standards for yourself.

“It is part of being a cricketer in India. It is part of the package that people love you. If you run away from it, it is going to haunt you, pressurise you and pull you down.”

I started to appreciate it. After a while I thought these people love me, they want me to do well. It is just they have a different way of expressing it. I needed to process it in my head. It is important to have a set of people you connect to and in touch with regularly and not be friends with everyone and out there for everyone,” he added.

“I have a strong family structure, very close with my family, few friends. Those things really matter especially in this country where there are so many distractions, people wanting a piece of you. It is very important to stay close to reality about what actually matters. I understand that after 10-12 years this will all go way. The next in line will be the one who gets it. He will go through that and I look forward to 12 years time rather than being in it now and getting carried away with it, he concluded.