Virat Kohli has scored three tons on the tour to Australia so far © Getty Images
Virat Kohli has scored three tons on the tour to Australia so far © Getty Images

Jan 3, 2015

Neil Harvey, the legendary Australian batsman, has said that India Test captain Virat Kohli should behave better and believes the responsibility will help the young batsman. Kohli has been in the centre of the attention as he has been involved in a few tiffs with the Australians during the ongoing Test series.

Speaking to Mid-DAY, Harvey said, “I think Kohli is full of his own importance really. Somebody has to teach him a lesson and maybe captaincy will help him a bit. That  can do him a world of good, but we shall see. I would like to see Kohli behave himself better. He seems to be over-impressed by his ability. I think he’s a bit big-headed. He gets under the Australians’ skin. I don’t mind him doing that because they get under a lot of people’s skin and now they are getting a bit of it back.”

However, Harvey did acknowledge Kohli’s obvious talent and said that he had felt he was one for the future when the Indian had played well on the previous tour. Harvey said, “Kohli performed very well on India’s last tour here. I recognised him as an up-and-coming star and he has really lived up to that. He’s a fine player, his technique is superb, plays straight all the time and can defend when he has to. He has got everything going for him and he’ll only get better.”

Speaking about the Indian batting on the ongoing tour, Harvey said, “You’ve got three to four good players, but the second half of the batting is pretty awful. Vijay is good, Kohli is excellent, Rahane is good too but from there on, it is pretty ordinary.”