Virat Kohli is one of the most animated characters on the cricket field © Getty Images
Virat Kohli is one of the most animated characters on the cricket field © Getty Images

Virat Kohli, known for his aggression on the cricket field, has revealed that his temper has been an issue for him. Kohli, who gets very animated in celebrating his centuries as well as victories, feels that at times he becomes uncontrollable. But it will be safe to say that none of that has been witnessed on the cricket field while he has enjoyed tremendous success at a very young age. At times he has been caught using profane words on screen while celebrating success, but given the fact that he is extremely passionate about the sport and one of its gems, Kohli creates an impression that is totally unique. ALSO READ: Virat Kohli breaks Sachin Tendulkar’s IPL record!

In an interview with CNN, Kohli revealed that aggression is an integral part of a sportsman’s life, but at times he has struggled with it. “My temper has been an issue for me. It’s been very hard to control at times,” he said.

Kohli recalled his early days as an international cricketer for India, remembering how different he was from the norm. “When I came in, I had tattoos, I used to dress up in a certain way, do things I felt were fine for me, but didn’t go towards the typical moral behavior [of a cricketer in India.].” ALSO READ: VIDEO: When Virat Kohli cooked ‘poached egg’

“But I knew in my heart I was working hard at my sport. There is no particular moral [code] for how you should think and … behave just because you are a cricketer. If you don’t see the results there then you have the right to criticise,” Kohli added.

Kohli said every sportsman should have aggression. “I feel every sportsman should have that … killer instinct because you need to be proud of the ability you have … not in an arrogant way, but in a confident way. I am here, I am good enough, and I am going to express that because it helps me be the best I can be.”