Sarfaraz Khan and Virat Kohli. Image Courtesy: Twitter
Sarfaraz Khan and Virat Kohli. Image Courtesy: Twitter

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) surprised everyone with Sarfaraz Khan s retention on Thursday. Sarfaraz was retained for INR 1.75 crore ahead of the likes of Chris Gayle and Yuzvendra Chahal. Sarfaraz hasn t played cricket since six months due to knee injury.

Sarfaraz is currently with Uttar Pradesh team in Lucknow. Sarfaraz was injured in a RCB practice match ahead of IPL 2017. In an interview with Times of India, Sarfaraz talked about how Virat Kohli supported him during the injury period.

“I haven’t spoken to Virat-bhai now, but when I got injured, he had sent me a long message. He said: ‘This is the time, in your eight-month break, when you’ll get a chance to know yourself. Don’t take tension. God does what’s best for you.’ He knew that I had opened with Chris Gayle, instead of him, in the practice games for RCB. I had made 80-odd in those games,” said Sarfaraz.

On his retention Sarfaraz thanks RCB team. He also talks about his injury and how his father helped him to overcome it.

“First of all I’d like to thank RCB management and Kohli. Nothing has changed in those eight months (when he was injured), but this. When I was injured, I was wondering what would happen (to me). The doctor told me to hold a bat after four months, but abbu (Naushad Khan) gave me a bat in two and a half months. He knew that I would recover from the injury, but he wanted me to stay in ‘touch.’ My abbu has always kept me one step ahead of the world,” he said.

The full credit for this goes to the Allah and my dad. At a time when you get injured, no one comes for your help, but your near and dear ones. I’ve worked harder than ever before in my life in three last two-three months,” he added.