Virat Kohli's hardwok has led him from being good to great    AFP
Virat Kohli’s hardwok has led him from being good to great AFP

Apart from a prolific cricketer, a sound batsman and a smart captain, Indian skipper Virat Kohli is also considered one of the greatest sportsperson in the world. After having a phenomenal season, Kohli now intends to possess strong leadership skills and deliver in the same manner as he has delivered as a batsman for the team till date. With all of these, Kohli intends to create a strong legacy. Of all his attributes, he maintains how crucial it is to remain passionate towards whatever he wants to achieve. Steven Smith reckons keeping in-form Virat Kohli quiet will be Australia s key to success

Speaking about his the Adelaide Test in 2012, Kohli reminisced, as reported by The Economic Times: I had to answer the question to myself if I was good enough to play Test cricket. The world did not matter to me. It was about my self-worth. And I m glad I was able to do what I did. The world doesn t know what goes on behind the scenes with an athlete. How he or she is training and trying to be best prepared. That s what holds the key to success. Being critical is the easiest thing to do. Having played sport at the highest level, I know what it entails and that s why I am trying to accord recognition to others who deserve our appreciation. It was a lightening strike by Virat Kohli, but I won t use helmet, says umpire Ruchira Palliyanguruge

Look, with me you get what you see. There s no hide and seek. I don t believe in hiding things. I had never imagined 10 years back that I would be sitting here today talking to you as captain of India in all three formats of the game. But that s the reality. And I ll always be passionate about what I do, he added. When I was growing up I used to watch Sachin Tendulkar with a sense of awe. I just wanted to touch his shoes if you know what I mean. And that s when I used to tell myself that I wanted to do something similar for India. Virat Kohli, Sanjeev Goenka to launch RPSG Indian Sports award

Speaking on how long he can play, Kohli said, Look at Roger Federer. 19 Grand Slams and the hunger is still the same. I am just one among 15 men in a billion who represents India. It will entail working hard, giving up on things that may stand in the way of excellence. But you need to be prepared for that. Train hard with a single minded focus. I do what comes naturally to me. I am not one to plot things. If something appeals to me and I feel good about it I will do it. That s me.