The Border-Gavaskar Trophy has always been a tensed game which involved a lot of memorable moments. Virender Sehwag has always been feared for his batting but after watching this video one will never have a single doubt regarding his excellence on the field.

During the second Test of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy in December 2003 at Adelaide, Sehwag took an absolute beauty at fine-leg to get rid of Simon Katich. Australia were steaming in and were well placed at 390 for four with Katich batting at 75. In came Ajit Agarkar and bowled a good bouncer to test the Achilles heel of Katich. He took the challenge and went for a pull but failed to get the middle of the willow. The ball went flying towards the fine leg area and where Sehwag was deployed. He charged in and after covering a good ground dived and grabbed the leather in air. Australia somehow posted a mammoth total of 556 but India in return fought fire with fire.

Eventually, India won the historic Test by four wickets but this effort by Sehwag was undoubtedly his best in his entire cricket career.