Virender Sehwag is a master, on the field and off it as well. He is undoubtedly the most entertaining cricket commentator, and no one can understand his true worth until he does not listen to Sehwag commentating in his native language Hindi. Sehwag is witty, straightforward, and fun to listen to. But what about his presence on social media? The only cricketer who tweeted a day in advance that he will be announcing his retirement the following day, Sehwag is a born entertainer. Here is a compilation of the best of Virender Sehwag tweets, as he wishes the young and old with the same zeal. Something which only he can do:

It was July 31, 1956 when Jim Laker bagged all 10 wickets during a Test innings. Sehwag remembered the day adding some Bollywood style to it but did not forget to mention about how Anil Kumble replicated it later.

On the birthday of West Indies’ legend Garry Sobers, Sehwag thought about bring in his unique angle. Remember that innings of Sobers at Lord’s when he smashed 150 not out after drinking throughout the previous night?

Jacob Oram, the New Zealand cricketer, would not even in his wildest dreams have thought that his birthday will remind Indians about one of their Gods. But Sehwag did:

And the world watched in amusement when Australian legend Allan Border was asked to make a movie on Sachin Tendulkar by Sehwag:

We all know Jonty Rhodes was one of the most electrifying fielders. But to call him a flying human was something only Sehwag could do:

We all know with Sehwag on the crease, bowlers were not secure. He made them insecure. Who better than him can talk about security then?

And what about space technology? Sehwag has expertise in that too:

And when the Asian Bradman was reminded about his feats. ‘Ab bas kar, Sehwag!’

Sehwag does not miss reminding Indians about the tough time they had in the past. Here’s Sehwag wishing Gooch ki poonch

And Sehwag is not going to catch up with the Kabali train.


The one thing that cricketers can definitely do after their retirement is speak their mind. Presenting Virender Sehwag, the man who can sum up the sentiment of thousands in just one tweet:


Sehwag knows he is the boss, and when other complement him on the same, he makes sure the reply is even more entertaining.


Sehwag has special respect for Usain Bolt, as no one dares comparing a human being with a Formula 1 machine.

There were many who took to Twitter when Sakshi Malik won India their first-ever medal at the Rio Olympics 2016. But Sehwag, once again stood out with his splendid message.



Stay tuned for more entertainment from Virender Sehwag.