VVS Laxman delivered the MAK Pataudi Memorial Lecture 2014-15 © IANS
VVS Laxman delivered the MAK Pataudi Memorial Lecture 2014-15 © IANS

Nov 12, 2014

VVS Laxman has slammed the needless aggression on the field of play. During the Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi Memorial Lecture 2014-15 in Kolkata, Laxman spoke about the need for cricketers to control their behaviour on the field of play. He also spoke about the need to respect the rules about the limits on the bowling action.

Laxman said, “Modern cricket has become expressive and aggressive. I am anguished, when I see needless aggression in the name of competition. Youngsters and children watching on television can lipread and identify swear words. We as cricketers are role models and can influence the young generation.”

Speaking about the numerous bowlers being identified with suspect action, Laxman said,  “While I do sympathize with them, it is imperative that the rules are respected and adhrered to. It is important to root out the problem. It places an enormous repsonsilibty on coaches and administrations… One of the fall-outs of watching bowlers with suspect bowling actions, is that the youngsters may get influenced.”

During the lecture, Laxman spoke about numerous topics, including the possibility of Day-Night Test matches. He said it could be an option, but they will mainly need to play cricket during the day.

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