VVS Laxman also said the current Indian team is the fittest ever    Getty Images
VVS Laxman also said the current Indian team is the fittest ever Getty Images

In this exclusive video, former India cricketer and Chief Mentor of CricketCountry VVS Laxman talks about fitness levels of the current Indian cricketers that have improved significantly. Laxman says that current cricketers should be complemented for their rigorous training which has resulted in everyone raising the fitness standards. Laxman heaped praise on India captain Virat Kohli in particular, saying that he is perhaps the fittest cricketer to have ever played for the country. Laxman said injuries are part of the game, and since cricketers tend to put their bodies on the line, it is invariable that they pick up injuries in the process.

Talking about the Indian players getting injured frequently Laxman said, I don’t think so anything is going wrong. It’s just that when you are playing at the highest level, you have to keep your body on the line. While doing that, it’s invariable that you pick up injuries. And I think the training has been really good. I have really looked to compliment the trainer. The fitness standards which are being maintained by all the cricketers has been phenomenal, starting from the captain, probably the most fittest cricketer to have ever played for the country, and [he] would probably be up there with other athletes in different games in the world.

Laxman said the support structure has been really good and Indian team has one of the best physiotherapists in Patrick Farhart. He said, I think everyone has been raising the fitness standards, the fielding level has been very, very good, and while playing international cricket, which is highly competitive; you get injured. You have got good support structure, you also have one of the best physios in the team, Patrick Farhart, who travels with the team, and then we have a very good physio team in the international cricket academy. So I wouldn’t really worry about the injury.

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Laxman continued, It’s the part and parcel of any sport. And if you are worried about the injuries, then you will never be able to give your best. Ultimately, any sport one plays, is a physical activity, and while doing any physical activity there is a chance of getting injured.

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The former cricketer-turned-commentator said this Indian team is the fittest ever to have played the sport. Laxman said, However, I feel this Indian team is the fittest Indian team, probably that I have seen, because of their fielding standards are good. The running between the wickets is excellent. Virat Kohli is a typical example, when in Indore, he got a double hundred, he didn’t even hit one shot in the air. However, the way he was converting his ones into twos, and twos into threes by putting pressure onto the New Zealand side shows they are working a lot on their fitness, as they are showing it during running between the wickets and the fielding standards.