Wasim Akram Calls For Scrapping Of This Format From International Cricket
Image: Twitter

New Delhi: Wasim Akram has called for the removal of the ODI format from international cricket. The former Pakistani fast bowler has revealed that he feels like the ODI format is a drag at the moment and it will be beneficial for international cricket if the authorities decide to remove this format. Wasim Akram’s statement comes after England all-rounder Ben Stokes announced his retirement from ODI cricket due to a heavy workload and his urge to focus more on T20I and Test cricket. After the decision of England’s Test match captain, people feeling that players are losing interest in playing ODIs and want to focus more on the shortest and longest format of the game.

“Him deciding that he is retiring from one-day cricket is quite sad but I agree with him. Even as a commentator one-day cricket is just a drag now, especially after T20. I can imagine as a player. 50 overs, 50 overs, then you have to pre-game, post-game, the lunch game. T20 is kind of easier, four hours the game is over. The leagues all around the world, there is a lot more money – I suppose this is part and parcel of the modern cricket. T20 or Test cricket. One-day cricket is kind of dying,” said Wasim Akram while speaking on The Telegraph’s Vaughany and Tuffers Cricket Club podcast.

He remarked, “It is quite tiring for a player to play one-day cricket. After T20, one-day cricket seems it is going for days. So players are focussing on more shorter format. And longer format obviously with Test cricket.”

Wasim Akram stated that cricket authorities should look on this matter seriously as there are a lot of countries where they’re struggling to fill stadiums.

The former fast bowler said, “I think so. In England you have full houses. In India, Pakistan especially, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa, one-day cricket you are not going to fill the stadiums. They are doing it just for the sake of doing it. After the first 10 overs, it’s just ‘OK, just go a run a ball, get a boundary, four fielders in and you get to 200, 220 in 40 overs’ and then have a go last 10 overs. Another 100. It’s kind of run-of-the-mill.”

“There’s a battle within the battle in Test cricket,” he said. “I always preferred Test matches. One-day used to be fun but Test matches were where you were recognised as a player where people still pick you for the world XIs. OK money matters – I understand where they are coming from – but they should also remember if they want to be recognised as one of the greats of the game,” concluded Wasim Akram.