Watch: Varun Aaron’s wife and RCB diva Ragini Singh shares 5 tips for attending a cricket match

The summer carnival of Indian Premier League (IPL) is on at the moment. The seven-week tournament, which involves a lot of travelling and playing every two-three days, leaves the cricketers with little time for family, In such cases, either the players take a quick break whenever they find a window or their wives come and cheer for them at the stadium.

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) fast-bowler Varun Aaron, who got married last year, faces the same issue. He does not get to spend enough time with his wife Ragini Singh. So how does the young couple make up for it? Well, Ragini, who is also an RCB diva, makes it a point to watch the matches from the stadium. This way, she gets to be with her hubby and also cheers for him and RCB.

But isn’t watching the live games in scorching summer heat a tad difficult? Ragini has the answers for it. Mrs. Aaron share five tips for attending a cricket match in this brief video, which can be seen here. She also speaks about other things such as how is it being a cricketer’s wife and whether or not she enjoys cricket. Watch the candid chat here: