Michael Clarke

Australian captain Michael Clarke believes sledging is good for the game Getty Images

Adelaide: Nov 21 2012

In a build up to the second Test between Australia and South Africa starting on Thursday at the Adelaide Oval, Australian captain Michael Clarke has spoken in favour of his team s approach to the game and said that sledging will continue to be a crucial aspect of it.

Talking about sledging, Clarke said that it was very subjective. While some players excel when they get involved in a bit of banter, some are at their best when they say nothing and said that he personally felt that a little bit of banter is good for the game, as reported by news.com.au.

While he said that sledging should be accepted as a part of the game he also said that he and his men have a team ethos that says crossing the line is unacceptable and within that limit every player in the side should be given the freedom to play their natural game.