New Delhi: India’s flamboyant batsman KL Rahul has heaped praise on former Indian skipper MS Dhoni. Rahul stated that the Indian players will happily take a bullet for MS Dhoni even without a second thought. The Karnataka player added that the first name which strikes their name when they hear the word ‘captain’ is of MS Dhoni.

Meanwhile, MS Dhoni is regarded as one of the best ever Indian captains. Dhoni led the Indian team to great heights and led from the front. The former Indian captain led the team to glory in the 2007 T20 World Cup, 2011 World Cup and 2013 Champions Trophy.

Rahul added that Dhoni received the utmost respect from every Indian player who played under him at the top level.

KL Rahul said while talking to Forbes India, “The minute anybody says captain, the first name that comes to mind from our era will be MS Dhoni”.

“We have all played under him. Yes, he has won a lot of tournaments, done amazing things for the country but I think the biggest achievement that as captain you can have is the respect of your teammates and any of us would take a bullet for him without a second thought.

“Something I have learned from him is how humble he has been through ups and downs, how he has put his country ahead of everything is just unbelievable.”

On the other hand, Rahul added that it is a different experience while playing under the leader of Virat Kohli as the current Indian is a passionate individual. Kohli is always known to give more than his cent.

“Playing with and under Virat Kohli, he is a different sort of captain. He is a very passionate individual. He operates at 200. 100 is the best you possibly can be at, but he operates at 200. He has the unbelievable ability to carry the other 10 guys and pull them from 100 to 200.”