Live Updates

  • 7:21 PM IST

    19.5 Andre Russell to Mahmudullah, 2 runs, 2 runs.

  • 7:21 PM IST

    19.4 Andre Russell to Mahmudullah, 2 runs, PUT DOWN! Short in length around middle, Mahmudullah turns inside the crease and pulls it behind square leg. The fielder in the deep, Andre Fletcher, puts down the catch and they take two.

  • 7:20 PM IST

    19.3 Andre Russell to Mahmudullah, 2 runs, Terrific delivery, right into the blockhole, Mahmudullah digs it out towards mid on and scampers back for the second run. 8 needed off 3 balls. You can feel the tension.

  • 7:19 PM IST

    19.2 Andre Russell to Afif Hossain, byes, 1 run, Beaten and they steal a bye! Slower one, on a length and outside off, Afif swings his bat early and misses. They cross as the keeper misses his shy at the striker’s end. Dwayne Bravo is not happy with Pooran, there is no need to go for the direct hits now.

  • 7:17 PM IST

    19.1 Andre Russell to Afif Hossain, 2 runs, Clever shot! Full and around off, Afif Hossain shuffles across and spoons it over short fine leg for a couple. 11 needed off 5 balls.

  • 7:16 PM IST

    Afif Hossain walks out to bat. Andre Russell to bowl the final over.

  • 7:15 PM IST

    18.6 Dwayne Bravo to Liton Das, out, OUT! CAUGHT! Fuller and wider outside off, Liton Das walks across and tries to go downtown over long on. It comes decently off the blade but doesn’t have enough wings to fly over long on. Jason Holder is near the fence, he uses every bit of his height as he jumps and catches it over his head. End of a fine knock by Das but Bangladesh needed a set batsman in the last over. 13 needed off 6 balls.

  • 7:15 PM IST

    18.5 Dwayne Bravo to Mahmudullah, 1 run, Too full and outside off, Mahmudullah digs it out to point and takes a run. A direct hit at the striker’s end would have got Liton short.

  • 7:14 PM IST

    18.4 Dwayne Bravo to Liton Das, 1 run, Slower again, full and outside off, Mahmudullah gets across the stumps and drags it off the inner half. It rolls to the right of short fine leg and they take one.

  • 7:14 PM IST

    18.3 Dwayne Bravo to Mahmudullah, 1 run, Fuller and outside off, pushed to point for a run.

  • 7:12 PM IST

    Bravo pulls out at the end moment before delivering the ball.

  • 7:11 PM IST

    18.2 Dwayne Bravo to Mahmudullah, no run, Slower one, way wide outside off, Mahmudullah jumps down the track, slashes at it but misses.

  • 7:11 PM IST

    18.1 Dwayne Bravo to Mahmudullah, SIX, SIX! A telling blow from the bat of Mahmudullah! Fuller in length and outside off, slower in pace, Mahmudullah attacks it with all his might and plunders it behind the bowler’s head for a biggie. 

  • 7:09 PM IST

    17.6 Ravi Rampaul to Liton Das, no run, Slower one to deceive the batsman. Good comeback by Rampaul after conceding a boundary on the first ball. On a length around off, Das shuffles across for the paddle shot but fails to connect. 22 needed off 12 balls.

  • 7:09 PM IST

    17.5 Ravi Rampaul to Mahmudullah, byes, 1 run, Swing and a miss! Back of a length, around leg, Mahmudullah steps back to heave it over the leg side but misses. Nicholas Pooran fails to collect the ball cleanly and they steal a bye.

  • 7:08 PM IST

    17.4 Ravi Rampaul to Liton Das, 1 run, Ravi Rampaul goes short this time, around off, Liton Das pulls it to deep mid-wicket for another run.

  • 7:07 PM IST

    17.3 Ravi Rampaul to Mahmudullah, 1 run, On a length and around off, Mahmudullah advances down the track and smashes it down to long off for a run.

  • 7:07 PM IST

    17.2 Ravi Rampaul to Liton Das, 1 run, Fuller and on off, Das steps back and lofts it over cover-point for a single. The crowd is getting very vocal here.

  • 7:06 PM IST

    17.1 Ravi Rampaul to Liton Das, FOUR, FOUR! Eased away! Rampaul strays down the leg side in his attempt to follow the batsman, Liton picks it off his pads and neatly deflects it towards fine leg for a boundary. 26 needed off 17 balls.

  • 7:05 PM IST

    Ravi Rampaul is back on.

  • 7:04 PM IST

    16.6 Dwayne Bravo to Mahmudullah, no run, Good end to the over! Full and outside off, Mahmudullah moves across and swings across the line but misses. Crucial dot balls for West Indies! 

  • 7:03 PM IST

    16.5 Dwayne Bravo to Mahmudullah, 2 runs, Into the slot, outside off. Mahmudullah smashes it very hard to deep mid-wicket. Hayden Walsh charges ahead to take the catch but the ball falls just short of him. Two runs taken.

  • 7:03 PM IST

    16.4 Dwayne Bravo to Mahmudullah, no run, Slower and fuller, outside off. Mahmudullah barely manages to read it and gets beaten.

  • 7:02 PM IST

    16.3 Dwayne Bravo to Liton Das, 1 run, Full again, outside off. Das steers it to sweeper cover for a single.

  • 7:02 PM IST

    16.2 Dwayne Bravo to Liton Das, no run, Mahmudullah is not happy! Liton Das moves across the stumps and Bravo goes full and wide again, outside off. Das leaves it alone thinking that the umpire will signal it as a wide. The Bangla skipper is not happy with the decision at the non-striker’s end.

  • 7:01 PM IST

    16.1 Dwayne Bravo to Liton Das, no run, Bravo goes full and wide, outside off. Liton Das reaches out for it and cuts it towards point. Had he left it alone, it would have been a wide.

  • 7:00 PM IST

    Dwayne Bravo (2-0-24-0) is back into the attack. 33 needed off 24 balls.

  • 6:59 PM IST

    15.6 Jason Holder to Mahmudullah, no run, Short and on middle, pulled to mid-wicket. Bangladesh will be happy with that over as 11 runs came off it. 

  • 6:59 PM IST

    15.5 Jason Holder to Mahmudullah, FOUR, FOUR! Mahmudullah is playing his part with the bat! Brilliant shot. Slower ball, on middle and leg. Mahmudullah strides across and scoops it to the fine leg region to fetch a boundary. 

  • 6:57 PM IST

    15.4 Jason Holder to Mahmudullah, 2 runs, Slower ball, on middle, Mahmudullah nudges it to deep square leg. Andre Fletcher is very casual in his fielding in the deep and the batters decide to rush back for the second. They get it with ease. Good running between the wickets! 

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