West Indies vs India 2013 Live Cricket Score: Johnson Charles, Darren Bravo steady West Indies

Johnson Charles guided West Indies to a victory against India © Getty Images

Kingston: Jun 30, 2013

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Johnson Charles has been adjudged as the Man-of-the-Match for his wonderful knock of 97.

West Indies have won both their group matches so far. They now have nine points from two matches and sit at the top of the standings. India are in second position, ahead of Sri Lanka only on net run rate.

That is it from us. Join us when India take on Sri Lanka on July 2.

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WI 230/9 | Over 47.4 | Roach 14*, Best 3*

Umesh continues. And it is all over. Best gets a single off the first ball towards square-leg. Then off the fourth delivery Roach, on his 25th birthday, flicks the ball towards the leg side for a single. Good batting from the last pair. West Indies win by one wicket.

WI 228/9 | Over 47 | Roach 13*, Best 2*

Bhuvneshwar is brought back into the attack. Four runs from the over. Both the batsmen are quite composed. Now West Indies just two runs from a win.

WI 224/9 | Over 46 | Roach 10*, Best 1*

Umesh comes into the attack. Only one run from it. Things are getting very close. West Indies just one hit away from a win.

WI 223/9 | Over 45 | Roach 9*, Best 1*

Jadeja to bowl his 10th and last over. Only three runs from the over. West Indies require only seven runs to win the match. Jadeja finishes with figures reading 10-1-50-0. Not a good day for him.

WI 220/9 | Over 44 | Roach 7*, Best 0* OUT! Narine 5 (12)

Raina continues. Narine needlessly goes after the bowling and perishes. He hits the ball straight to mid-on, where Dhawan takes a simple catch. Maiden over. West Indies still only require 10 runs to win. India require just one wicket to win.

WI 220/8 | Over 43 | Roach 7*, Narine 5*

Jadeja replaces Umesh. Four men around the bat. The tailenders look comfortable against Jadeja, who has not had a good day with the ball. West Indies require 10 runs to win.

WI 216/8 | Over 42 | Roach 4*, Narine 4*

Raina is brought into the attack. Narine beautifully drives a wide delivery towards extra cover for three. West Indies only require 14 runs from eight overs, but India require just two wickets to win.

WI 212/8 | Over 41 | Roach 3*, Narine 1* OUT! Charles 97 (100)

Umesh comes back into the attack, replacing Ishant. He strike second ball as Charles gives room on the off side and hits insde out straight to mid-off, where Ishant takes a simple catch. He deserved a century. Sunil Narine comes into the middle. He gets off the mark with a single towards square-leg.

WI 211/7 | Over 40 | Charles 97*, Roach 3*

Jadeja comes into the attack. Roach gets a two as he nudges a straight delivery towards fine-leg. There are four men around the batsman now. Only two runs from the over, but that means that West Indies require 19 runs to win from 10 overs.

WI 209/7 | Over 39 | Charles 97*, Roach 1*

Ishant continues. Charles pulls the first ball in front of square-leg for a four. Roach finally gets off the mark with a single towards backward point. West Indies require only 21 runs from 11 overs.

WI 203/7 | Over 38 | Charles 92*, Roach 0*

Ashwin to bowl his 10th and final over. Ashwin almost strikes again. Charles comes down the track, but misses. Karthik fails to collect the delivery as it races away for a boundary. There might have been a slight inside edge. The 200 is up for West Indies. Ashwin finishes with figures reading 10-0-44-2.

WI 198/7 | Over 37 | Charles 87*, Roach 0* OUT! Sammy 29 (25)

Ishant replaces Umesh. There is an appeal for caught behind, but the umpire turns it down. There seemed to be a noise as the ball went past the bat. No DRS in the tri-series, so can’t refer to the third umpire. Next ball, Sammy pulls again for a six behind square on the leg side. He then smashes a half-volley through the covers for a four. He seems to want an early dinner and he will surely get it now. Sammy skies a lofted drive straight to third-man, where Ashiwn takes a good catch. Kemar Roach is the new man.

WI 186/6 | Over 36 | Charles 86*, Sammy 19*

Ashwin continues. The batting powerplay has been taken. So, that means only three fielders outside the 30-yard circle. SIngle will do here, but the West Indies batsmen want to finish it off in style. Charles smashes a tossed up delivery towards mid-off, but it just falls short of the fielder.

WI 182/6 | Over 35 | Charles 84*, Sammy 17*

Umesh comes back into the attack, replacing Ishant. Sammy pulls Umesh and hits a six over square leg. West Indies only require 48 runs from 15 overs. The second drinks break has been taken.

WI 176/6 | Over 34 | Charles 84*, Sammy 11*

Ashwin bowls his eighth over. Ashwin bowls a poor delivery wide and low outside off stump. Sammy strikes the ball hard through the covers for four. Six runs from the over. It is West Indies’ match to lose from here. The only way India can now win is to bowl out the West Indies.

WI 170/6 | Over 33 | Charles 83*, Sammy 6*

Ishant to bowl his seventh over. Sammy gets off the mark in remarkable fashion. He pulls Ishant off the front foot over wide long-on for a big six. West Indies need only 60 runs from 17 overs.

WI 161/6 | Over 32 | Charles 81*, Sammy 0* OUT! Ramdin 4 (5)

Ashwin continues. The off-spinner strikes again. He bowls from round the wicket with a leg slip and forward short leg to Ramdin. The ball pitches on off stump and turns in. There is a slight gap between bat and pad and that is enough for the ball to sneak through and hit the stumps. Ramdin did play slightly across the line. Darren Sammy comes into the middle.

WI 160/5 | Over 31 | Charles 80*, Ramdin 4* OUT Pollard 4 (7)

Ishant is brought back into the attack. He strike with his second delivery as Pollard helps a wide delivery straight to the wicketkeeper. Karthik takes a brilliant catch to his right. Denesh Ramdin is the new man and he gets off the mark is style. Short and wide delivery from Ishant and Ramdin cuts in front of cover for a four.

WI 155/4 | Over 30 | Charles 80*, Pollard 4*

Ashwin bowls his sixth over. Expensive over from Ashwin as he gives away 10 runs from it. Charles comes down the track and smashes a huge six over long-on. He is closing in towards another century. West Indies require 75 runs from 20 overs.

WI 145/4 | Over 29 | Charles 73*, Pollard 1*

Immediately Kohli brings back Jadeja sensing Pollard has a tendency to be susceptible against spin early on. Pollard gets off the mark with a single down the ground.

WI 142/4 | Over 28 | Charles 71*, Pollard 0* OUT! Darren Bravo 55 (78)

Ashwin continues. Darren Bravo pulls a length delivery but straight to Shikhar Dhawan at mid-wicket, who takes a fantastic catch high over his head. India get a breakthrough out of nowhere. Kieron Pollard walks into the middle. The previous partnership was worth 116 runs.

WI 141/3 | Over 27 | Charles 70*, Darren Bravo 55*

Bhuvneshwar replaces an expensive Jadeja. But he proves to be expensive as well. First ball Charles hist a mssive six over long-on. Then Darren Bravo gets a boundary very fine on the leg side. The ball bounces sharply from a leg stump line and Darren gets the finest of touches to take it past Karthik behind the wickets. Darren also gets his 10th ODI half-century.

WI 126/3 | Over 26 | Charles 62*, Darren Bravo 48*

Ashwin bowls his fourth over. The 100 of the partnership is up. Good over for West Indies without getting a boundary. Six runs from it. The spinners in the match not being very effective. Only one wicket so far and that was Marlon Samuels taking a wicket during India’s innings.

WI 120/3 | Over 25 | Charles 60*, Darren Bravo 44*

Jadeja comes into bowl his sixth over. This keeps getting better and better for Charles and West Indies. First ball he comes down the track and lofts Jadeja for a massive six over long-on. Darren Bravo goes hard at Jadeja, but Vijay makes sure the ball does not cross the boundary at long-off.

WI 112/3 | Over 24 | Charles 53*, Darren Bravo 43*

Ashwin continues. Charles gets his half-century with a drive through the covers off the front foot. Good knock so far from the right-handed batsman. That is his second ODI half-century. He has two ODI centuries.

WI 107/3 | Over 23 | Charles 49*, Darren Bravo 42*

Jadeja bowls his fifth over. Spinners bowling in tandem. Darren Bravo cuts a wide delivery for a four through the covers. West Indies need only 123 runs from 27 overs.

WI 101/3 | Over 22 | Charles 48*, Darren Bravo 37*

Ashwin replaces Ishant. The 100 up for West Indies. Only two runs from the over. Charles scooped a shot straight back to Ashwin, but the ball fell short of the bowler. He could have dived in front.

WI 99/3 | Over 21 | Charles 47*, Darren Bravo 36*

Jadeja continues. Maiden over from Jadeja, but does little to unsettle the West Indies batsmen. Both batsmen have not looked troubled in the last few overs and that does not look good for India.

WI 99/3 | Over 20 | Charles 47*, Darren Bravo 36*

Ishant to continue. Charles cuts a short and wide delivery, but the ball falls just short of Murali Vijay at third-man. Five runs from the over. West Indies require another 131 runs from 30 overs.

WI 94/3 | Over 19 | Charles 46*, Darren Bravo 32*

Jadeja to bowl his third over. A good tight over from Jadeja, but unable to trouble the set West Indies batsmen. The run rate is just under five runs-an-over and the required run rate is just under four and a half runs-an-over.

WI 90/3 | Over 18 | Charles 44*, Darren Bravo 30*

Ishant continues. The West Indies batsmen play out the first over after the break. Only three runs from it, but they are ticking away towards the target.

WI 87/3 | Over 17 | Charles 42*, Darren Bravo 29*

Jadeja replaces Ashwin after one over. Charles gives him the charge and hits a huge six over long-on. Both the batsmen have got into a rhythm and are striking the ball very well. Drinks have been taken. West Indies need 143 runs from 33 overs.

WI 78/3 | Over 16 | Charles 34*, Darren Bravo 28*

Ishant bowls his third over. It turns out to be a good over for the West Indies. Darren Bravo flays at a wide delivery and sends it over point for a four. The 50 of the partnership is up. At the end of the over the stand is worth 52 runs.

WI 72/3 | Over 15 | Charles 33*, Darren Bravo 23*

Another bowling change as Ashiwn comes into replace Bhuvneshwar. Good start from the right-arm off-spinner. Only four runs from the over.

WI 68/3 | Over 14 | Charles 32*, Darren Bravo 20*

Ishant continues. Good tight over from Ishant as gives away only three runs from it. Both batsmen looking more comfortable as the overs tick by.

WI 65/3 | Over 13 | Charles 30*, Darren Bravo 19*

After an expensive over from Jadeja, Bhuvneshwar comes back into the attack. Darren Bravo now goes after the bowler. Length delivery outside off stump and Darren plays an expansive drive towards covers and gets a four. West Indies going along pretty well after those early wickets.

WI 58/3 | Over 12 | Charles 29*, Darren Bravo 13*

Ishant Sharma replaces Umesh. Good first ball from the lanky pacer as he digs it in and the ball takes off from a back-of-a-length region right over the bat of Charles. Ishant gets into trouble with the umpire twice for running onto the wicket in his follow through. He has got an official warning.

WI 55/3 | Over 11 | Charles 26*, Darren Bravo 13*

Talk of change and Ravindra Jadeja comes into bowl. He will bowl left-arm off-spin. Darren Bravo smashes a six straight down the ground. Then works a delivery down the leg side and gets a four towards fine-leg as Ashwin makes a meal of an effort.

WI 44/3 | Over 10 | Charles 25*, Darren Bravo 3*

Umesh to bowl his fifth over. No changes to be seen yet. That is his second maiden over now. Good pace from the bowler. West Indies now require 186 runs from 40 overs. Their run rate is 4.40 runs-an-over.

WI 44/3 | Over 9 | Charles 25*, Darren Bravo 3*

Bhuvneshwar continues. Only three runs from it. Charles edges one to a short third-man, where Ravichandran Ashiwn does well to get his left hand to stop the ball reaching the fence. It just bounced short off him.

WI 41/3 | Over 8 | Charles 24*, Darren Bravo 1*

Umesh comes into bowl his fourth over as well. Charles goes after the pacer in this over. First he picks a wide delivery from outside off stump and hits it towards the long-on boundary, then he pulls a short delivery in front of square on the leg side. That makes it 10 off the over.

WI 31/3 | Over 7 | Charles 16*, Darren Bravo 0*

Bhuvneshwar to bowl his fourth over. Charles plays out four dots ball in-a-row and then drives a wide delivery towards extra covers for four. Five runs from it. First runs after back-to-back maidens.

WI 26/3 | Over 6 | Charles 12*, Darren Bravo 0*

Umesh continues. Maiden over from the right-arm fast bowler. A testing over for Charles, who faces all six deliveries. He also survives a huge appeal from Dinesh Karthik behind the wickets. There was no edge and only the wicketkeeper appealed.

WI 26/3 | Over 5 | Charles 12*, Darren Bravo 0* OUT! Samuels 1 (5)

Bhuvneshwar bowls his third over. He cleans up Samuels off the first delivery. The batsman plays across the line to a length delivery and play onto the stumps. That is now three down. It’s a maiden over as well. The Indian score is now looking very good indeed. Still a long way to go though.

WI 26/2 | Over 4 | Charles 12*, Samuels 1* OUT! Devon Smith 0 (3)

Umesh comes into bowl his second over. He strikes again with the first delivery of the over. The ball swings in from a middle stump line and Devon Smith fails to get any bat on that and it strikes him on the pads in front of leg stump. The umpire raises his finger and that is two wickets down for the West Indies. Marlon Samuels comes into the middle. He gets off the mark.

WI 25/1 | Over 3 | Charles 12*, Devon Smith 0*

Bhuvneshwar continues. Charles gets off the mark in style. He flat bats a length delivery straight down the ground for four. He then repeats a similar shot towards mid-off and gets the same reward. The next ball is struck towards mid-on and Charles gets his third four in-a-row. Very good over for West Indies.

WI 13/1 | Over 2 | Charles 0*, Devon Smith 0* OUT! Gayle 11 (9)

Umesh Yadav to share the new ball with Bhuvneshwar. He takes a tumble bowling his first delivery as Gayle pulls towards the square leg region for four. But Umesh gets the final laugh as Gayle has to go back to the pavilion. Gayle cuts a back-of-a-length delivery, but there is not enough room to cut. He hits it hard straight to short extra cover, where Suresh Raina takes a brilliant catch low to the left.

WI 6/0 | Over 1 | Gayle 5*, Charles 0*

Bhuvneshwar Kumar to start proceedings. Good start for Chris Gayle as he drives a straight delivery down the ground for a four to get off the mark. Bhuvneshwar gets the ball to swing both ways. Johnson Charles yet to get off the mark.

India captain MS Dhoni has not made it onto the field after sustaining what looked like a hamstring injury during his innings. Murali Vijay is the substitute. Virat Kohli will be the on-field captain.

Rohit Sharma and Suresh Raina batted well for India, but West Indies will be quite happy with what India have posted considering the batting line-up they posses. The bowlers did brilliantly. Darren Sammy and Kemar Roach were the pick of the bowlers as they both took two wickets each. Tino Best was expensive throughout, but took two wickets himself towards the end. Sunil Narine had an off-day as he went wicketless. How important will those boundaries Bhuvneshwar Kumar scored right at the end turn out to be? Join us in time for the West Indies run-chase.

IND 229/7 | Over 50 | Ashwin 5*, Bhuvneshwar 11*

Narine to finish off the innings. What a finish for India. Bhuvneshwar shows his skills with the bat as he strikes Narine for a six and a four off the last two deliveries. The six is over long-off and the four also comes in the same direction. Narine finishes with figures reading 10-0-56-0. No wickets for the wily spinner. Best has figures better than him.

IND 212/7 | Over 49 | Ashwin 3*, Bhuvneshwar 0* OUT! Jadeja 17 (20)

Best to bowl his 10th and final over. Best gets his second wicket as Jadeja swings across the line and edges it onto the stumps. Bhuvneshwar Kumar walks into the middle. Best finishes with figures of 10-0-52-2. Expensive but got some crucial wickets towards the end.

IND 210/6 | Over 48 | Jadeja 17*, Ashwin 2*

Narine to bowl his ninth over. Jadeja skies a slog-sweep, but the ball falls between three fielders in the mid-wicket region. He then pulls using the depth of the crease and gets a four. Good over for India as 10 runs come from it.

IND 200/6 | Over 47 | Jadeja 9*, Ashwin 1* OUT! MS Dhoni 27 (35)

Best continues. Well Best’s day got a lot better as he cleans up Dhoni. Quick delivery coming in towards the leg stump. Dhoni gets an outside edge, which hits the pad and strikes the leg stump. Ravichandran Ashwin comes into the middle. Only three runs from the over. The 200 is up for India. They are well below par right now.

IND 197/5 | Over 46 | MS Dhoni 27*, Jadeja 8*

Samuels comes back into the attack. Dhoni pulls a short delivery for four towards the fine-leg boundary. Only five runs from the over. The West Indies have done well to restrict India to this score for now. The run rate is 4.28 runs-an-over.

IND 192/5 | Over 45 | MS Dhoni 22*, Jadeja 8*

Best comes in for his fourth spell. Jadeja hits a straight drive between the bowler and Dhoni for a four. Only six runs from the over. Even when Best bowls a good over, he gives away six runs. Not his day.

IND 186/5 | Over 44 | MS Dhoni 22*, Jadeja 2*

Narine comes into bowl his eighth over. Very tight over from the spinner as he gives away only four runs. Dhoni running very gingerly between the wickets. He does not look very comfortable, but is continuing. Ravindra Jadeja gets off the mark.

IND 182/5 | Over 43 | MS Dhoni 20*, Jadeja 0* OUT! Raina 44 (55)

Roach comes into bowl his 10th and last over. Dhoni throws his bat at a wide delivery and skies it, Sammy running backwards gets both hands on it while diving but drops it. Luck for the Indian captain. Dhoni looks like he is in a bit of pain. He is on the ground and receiving treatment for what looks like a hamstring injury. Raina then knicks one to the wicketkeeper. Roach finishes with figures reading 10-2-41-2.

IND 175/4 | Over 42 | Raina 42*, MS Dhoni 16*

Narine continues. Finally some runs. Raina carves a four past third-man as Narine bowls a slightly wide delivery. Some good running from the batsmen makes it nine from the over.

IND 166/4 | Over 41 | Raina 34*, MS Dhoni 15*

Roach to bowl his ninth over. Another good over from the pacer. Six runs from the over, but considering the match situation, it is not much.

IND 160/4 | Over 40 | Raina 31*, MS Dhoni 13*

Narine bowls his sixth over. Very good from Narine as he gives away only two runs from the over. India could only manage 27 runs from the five overs of the batting powerplay. Not good, especially when no wickets fell.

IND 158/4 | Over 39 | Raina 30*, MS Dhoni 12*

Roach continues. Good over from the fast bowler. Six singles and a wide make it seven for the over. This is nowhere close to what India would want.

IND 151/4 | Over 38 | Raina 27*, MS Dhoni 9*

Narine coming into bowl his fifth over. The 150 up for India. A good over from the spinner after a slightly expensive over from Roach. Only four runs from it. The Indians are playing Narine a little more cautiously.

IND 147/4 | Over 37 | Raina 25*, MS Dhoni 8*

Roach is back into the attack. Dhoni skies a wide delivery over point, but there is no fielder in the deep and it falls safely. Raina then slices a wide ball over backward point for four. The batsmen are looking for the boundaries on a more regular basis.

IND 138/4 | Over 36 | Raina 20*, MS Dhoni 4*

Batting powerplay has been taken. Narine comes into bowl his fourth over. Raina gets a four off the last delivery from the over. A slightly short delivery from Narine and Raina opens the face of his bat and guides the ball to the third-man fence for a boundary.

IND 133/4 | Over 35 | Raina 16*, MS Dhoni 3*

Sammy to bowl his 10th and last over. A very tight over from Sammy as he gives away only three runs. He finishes his quota of overs and has figures reading 10-3-41-2. That is a very good effort from the former West Indies captain. The second drinks break has been taken. India are going at 3.80 runs-an-over.

IND 130/4 | Over 34 | Raina 14*, MS Dhoni 2*

Samuels continues. The off-spinner bowls his first maiden over. Raina faces all the six deliveries in the over. The run rate has dropped to 3.82 runs-an-over.

IND 130/4 | Over 33 | Raina 14*, MS Dhoni 2*

Sammy looks like he will bowl out his quota of overs in this spell. Good running from the batsmen as they take five singles from the over. Dhoni gets off the mark by working a straight delivery towards mid-wicket. The run rate is just under four runs an over.

IND 125/4 | Over 32 | Raina 11*, MS Dhoni 0*

Samuels comes into bowl his seventh over. A very good over from the off-spinner. Only one run coming from it. Just when India seemed to get going, West Indies struck again.

IND 124/4 | Over 31 | Raina 10*, MS Dhoni 0* OUT! Rohit 60 (89)

Sammy bowls his eighth over. Well talk about kicking on, as the batsmen do just that. Raina hits the first ball for four towards extra cover. Rohit then hits a four towards point. Then throws his wicket away. He slices a lofted straight drive towards long-off. Johnson Charles takes a comfortable catch. He hit four fours and one six. MS Dhoni wlaks into the middle.

IND 113/3 | Over 30 | Rohit 55*, Raina 4*

Samuels continues. A good tight over from Samuels as he gives away only four runs. The run rate is just over three and a half runs an over. India need to kick on if they have to post a good score.

IND 109/3 | Over 29 | Rohit 52*, Raina 3*

Sammy replaces Best. Rohit gets his half-century as he pulls on the hop and gets two runs. That is his 16th ODI half-century and his eighth against West Indies. He does like batting against them. Rain then pulls a short ball towards fine-leg for a single.

IND 104/3 | Over 28 | Rohit 48*, Raina 2*

Samuels comes into bowl his fifth over. Raina is lucky to still be there. He edges one to Gayle at first slip, only that the ball bounces short of him. It was almost like catching practice.

IND 103/3 | Over 27 | Rohit 47*, Raina 2*

Best returns. The 100 is up for India. Best has been very expensive when compared with the other bowlers. His line has not been consistent and he has bowled too short. But bowls a good over at the start of his third spell. Only five runs from it.

IND 98/3 | Over 26 | Rohit 44*, Raina 0* OUT! Karthik 23 (56)

Samuels continues. Karthik comes down the track and gifts a simple catch to the bowler, who makes no mistake. That was a really slow innings from Karthik. The partnership between Rohit and Karthik was worth 59 runs. Suresh Raina walks into the middle. Only one run from the over.

IND 97/2 | Over 25 | Rohit 43*, Karthik 23*

Sammy replaces Narine. Finally Karthik shows some aggression as he comes down the track and pulls a short delivery for a four towards the mid-wicket boundary. Sammy saw the batsman come down and dug it in short. So, full marks for Karthik, who had to adjust quickly. That is the half-way mark in the Indian innings. The run rate is under four an over.

IND 91/2 | Over 24 | Rohit 42*, Karthik 18*

Samuels comes into bowl his third over. Some good running from the batsmen in the over. The partnership reaches the 50-run mark. At the end of the over the stand is worth 52 runs.

IND 87/2 | Over 23 | Rohit 39*, Karthik 17*

Narine continues. Rohit cuts a length ball for a four towards third man. He then takes a single off the last ball to make five off the over.

IND 82/2 | Over 22 | Rohit 34*, Karthik 17*

Samuels bowls his second over. Rohit takes a single from the first ball and then Karthik plays out the rest of the over again. He has a strike rate in the mid 30s. Going very slow!

IND 81/2 | Over 21 | Rohit 33*, Karthik 17*

Narine as expected continues. Just the one run from the over and that too is a wide. Karthik plays out the entire over. Narine is getting some good turn and bounce from the wicket.

IND 80/2 | Over 20 | Rohit 33*, Karthik 17*

Marlon Samuels now comes into the attack. So that is two spinners bowling in tandem. A good tight over from the right-arm off-spinner as he gives away only three runs.

IND 77/2 | Over 19 | Rohit 32*, Karthik 15*

Finally Sunil Narine comes into the attack. He mostly bowls off-spin, but can spin the ball like a leg-spinner as well. The Indian batsmen just take a few singles off him to get used to his line and length. Only four runs from the over.

IND 73/2 | Over 18 | Rohit 30*, Karthik 13*

Pollard brings himself to bowl. For people who did not know, he bowls right-arm medium. He bowls one angling towards the leg stump and Karthik glides the ball for a four towards fine leg. Pollard is not happy. The batsmen take a few singles with ease. That run rate is just increasing. It’s now over four runs an over.

IND 65/2 | Over 17 | Rohit 28*, Karthik 8*

Pollard persists with Best. The fiery pacer bowls a wide length delivery and Rohit flays his bat at it and gets a four towards extra cover. Finally some runs, but it seems that Best is the only bowler who is giving away runs as the others are bowling quite well. Drinks have been taken. India’s run rate is 3.82 runs an over.

IND 57/2 | Over 16 | Rohit 22*, Karthik 8*

Sammy comes into bowl his fifth over. A very tight over from him as he bowls his third maiden. Karthik was just not able to get him away. The West Indies are on top of India right now. The run rate is just over three and a half runs an over.

IND 57/2 | Over 15 | Rohit 22*, Karthik 8*

Best comes into bowl his fifth over. There is almost a run out as Karthik pushes a straight delivery towards mid-on and takes off for a run. The throw is at the keeper’s end and Karthik dives almost superman-like to just make it into the crease before Ramdin clips the bails. A direct hit was surely out.

IND 53/2 | Over 14 | Rohit 21*, Karthik 6*

Sammy continues. He bowls a wide delivery down the leg side, but Karthik gets some bat onto that and gets a four towards fine leg. The wicketkeeper Denesh Ramdin is standing right behind the stumps. But those are the only runs off the over.

IND 49/2 | Over 13 | Rohit 21*, Karthik 2*

Best comes in for his second spell, replacing Roach. Best gave away 26 runs from his first three overs, but does better from a different end. He gives away only two runs from his fourth over. Both batsmen get a single each.

IND 47/2 | Over 12 | Rohit 20*, Karthik 1*

Not surprisingly Sammy continues. He is just bowling on a good length and back-of-a-length to both the right handed batsmen. Karthik finally gets off the mark. Rohit then flat bats a lenght delivery between point and third man for a four.

IND 40/2 | Over 11 | Rohit 14*, Karthik 0*

Roach comes in to bowl his sixth over. Only one run from the over. The West Indies have tightened their grip over the Indian batsmen. Karthik still to get off the mark.

IND 39/2 | Over 10 | Rohit 13*, Karthik 0* OUT! Kohli 11 (21)

Sammy continues and strikes first ball. Kohli comes dancing down the track and tries playing an expansive drive towards extra cover. He only edges it to first slip, where Ghris Gayle takes a brilliant one-handed catch diving low to his right. That is two back-to-back maidens from Sammy.

IND 39/1 | Over 9 | Rohit 13*, Kohli 11*

Roach continues. A very tidy over from Roach. Only four runs from it. Rohit gets one run, while Kohli gets three runs from the over. The scoring has slowed down after Dhawan’s wicket.

IND 35/1 | Over 8 | Rohit 12*, Kohli 8*

Darren Sammy comes in as first change, replacing Best. The former West Indies captain bowls a maiden over first up to Kohli. A mix of medium paced deliveries and slower cutters from Sammy finishes the over.

IND 35/1 | Over 7 | Rohit 12*, Kohli 8*

Roach comes in for his fourth over. A good tight over from the right-arm fast bowler as he gives away only one run. Kohli glances a straight delivery behind square on the leg side for a single.

IND 34/1 | Over 6 | Rohit 12*, Kohli 7

Best continues. The bowler bowls a short ball to Kohli and he square cuts it over wide third man for a maximum.

IND 25/1 | Over 5 | Rohit 12*, Kohli 0* OUT! Dhawan 11 (10)

Roach charges in to bowl his third over. Dhawan hits a straight delivery back to the bowler, who takes the catch on the second attempt. New man Virat Kohli plays out four consecutive deliveries.

IND 25/0 | Over 4 | Rohit 12*, Dhawan 11*

Best comes in to bowl his second over. Best bowls a back of a length delivery to Rohit, who tries to leave it. But the ball takes off after hitting the gloves, but Darren Sammy fails to realise it is a catch and collects it on the bounce. The next ball is hit for a six by Rohit. Best digs it in short, but Rohit opens the face of the bat and guides the ball over the third man boundary.

IND 19/0 | Over 3 | Rohit 6*, Dhawan 11*

Roach continues. The first runs Roach gives away is to Rohit, who whips away a straight delivery towards square leg for three runs. Dhawan then drives a full delivery towards the extra cover region for his second four.

IND 12/0 | Over 2 | Rohit 3*, Dhawan 7*

Tino Best shares the new ball with Roach. His second ball is a no ball to Shikhar Dhawan, the next ball is a wide and in the next delivery Rohit Sharma skies a pull shot to third man. Darren Bravo catches and then kicks the ball thinking the batsman is out, but it was a free hit. Captain Kieron Pollard gestures Bravo to think first. Dhawan then pulls a short ball to the square leg boundary for four

IND 0/0 | Over 1 | Rohit 0*, Dhawan 0*

Kemar Roach starts off proceedings with a maiden over. Rohit Sharma faces all six deliveries. Good pace from the bowler.

For the first time India is fielding the same XI for six consecutive ODIs…

West Indies captain Kieron Pollard wins the toss and elects to field against India in the second One-Day International (ODI) of the tri-series at Kingston, Jamaica.

Pollard takes charge in the absence of the Dwayne Bravo, who pulls out with a groin injury. Fast bowler Tino Best comes in for Ravi Rampaul. India field the same side that won the ICC Champions Trophy 2013 a week ago.

Denesh Ramdin becomes the third West Indies wicketkeeper to play 100 ODIs after Jeff Dujon and Ridley Jacobs.

West Indies: Johnson Charles, Chris Gayle, Devon Smith, Marlon Samuels, Darren Bravo, Kieron Pollard (c), Denesh Ramdin (wk), Darren Sammy, Sunil Narine, Kemar Roach, Tino Best

India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Dinesh Karthik, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni (c & wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav

Welcome to CricketCountry and our coverage of the tri-series in the Caribbean. I am Shrikant Shankar and I will bring you the live updates of the second match between West Indies and India. MS Dhoni’s ICC Champions Trophy 2013-winning side take on Dwayne Bravo’s West Indies. Read our preview here.