Live Updates

  • 11:56 PM IST

    UPDATE 2.24 pm local (6.24 pm GMT) - Well, here it is, the dreaded update that we did not want, that you did not want to see. THE MATCH HAS BEEN ABANDONED.

  • 11:34 PM IST

    UPDATE 2 pm local (6 pm GMT) – We should have started with the game by now, but GUESS WHAT? Well, the same old story, really. The rain has returned and the entire square has been covered again. The latest by which we can have a 5-over game is 2.29 pm local (6.29 pm GMT). The rain is not too heavy but the signs are not promising. Let’s hope that the rain stops and we have some action soon. 

  • 11:15 PM IST

    UPDATE 1.40 pm local (5.40 pm GMT) – GREAT NEWS! Play will resume at 2 pm local (6 pm GMT). We will have 9-overs per side now. The Powerplay will only be for 3 overs and a bowler can bowl a maximum of 2 overs. Woohoo! 

  • 11:06 PM IST

    UPDATE 1.30 pm local (5.30 pm GMT) – The umpires came out for their inspections and they strolled around and had a look at the few spongy patches on the deck. The Pakistan players are also out and are going about their drills in a nice manner. Ian Bishop (on air) informs us that he thinks we could have a 10-over encounter (give or take one or two overs). There is no official news yet and we await the same. Stay tuned. 

  • 10:41 PM IST

    In the Women’s Hundred game for today, the London Spirit Women faced off against the Northern Superchargers Women. On the back of a brilliant batting display by Deandra Dottin, the LNS-W trumped their counterparts by 7 wickets and recorded their second win of the season. In the men’s game which is going to get underway shortly between the same two men’s sides, Northern Superchargers have won the toss and have chosen to bat first. 

  • 10:39 PM IST

    UPDATE 1.05 pm local (5.05 pm GMT) – GOOD NEWS! The rain has stopped and the covers are almost off at this point. The groundsmen are still out on the field, ensuring that there are not waterlogged areas. The umpires are out in the middle too, with some of the players from both the sides, having a stroll around. Both the umpires will have an inspection at 1.25 pm local (5.25 pm GMT). Let’s hope that inspection brings about some more good news. Stay tuned! 

  • 9:55 PM IST

    UPDATE 12.20 pm local (4.20 pm GMT) – Right. Unfortunately, nothing positive to share with you. It is continuing to rain down at the moment and the players are sitting relaxed and will be hoping that this rain goes away soon. We have also started losing overs now. Stay tuned as we bring you further updates. 

  • 9:14 PM IST

    Well, having a look at all the different games that are going around in the world at the moment – after leaving the Caribbean, the Aussies made their way to Bangladesh, as they were ready for a 5-game T20I series. In the first T20I that just got concluded, the Kangaroos surrendered to the Bangladeshi spin attack, as they fell short by 23 runs. This will give the Tigers quite a boost for the rest of the series. But, the result, quite a shock, aye?

  • 9:10 PM IST

    UPDATE 11.35 am local time (3.35 pm GMT) – Sorry, folks. We do not knock on your door with good news. Images from the ground show that the rain has picked up speed and the covers are still on. The groundsmen are ensuring that the rain does not seep in. Does not look like we will be starting sometime soon. Also, a reminder, that we do not start losing any overs until 12.14 pm local. Stay tuned. 

  • 8:55 PM IST

    Waqar Younis, the Pakistan bowling coach was down for a chat earlier. He says that it is unfortunate that we did not get any cricket in their country, but we do have some bowlers like Hasan Ali. Adds that these days in T20 cricket, one has to plan well and be very careful while executing, as there are lots of power hitters in world cricket, like Chris Gayle. Talking about their bowling attack, he feels they have good bowlers who can bowl really fast like Mohammad Wasim Jr and they are preparing really well for the T20 World cup.

  • 8:50 PM IST

    UPDATE 11.15 am local time (3.15 pm GMT) – Uh oh! Looks like the drizzle has started getting heavier and the rain has started pelting down. The umpires instruct the players to head off and the groundsmen get to work. They bring out the covers quickly and cover the square. Not what we wanted to see. Hopefully, it is a short delay. Fingers crossed! 

  • 8:46 PM IST

    2.6 Hasan Ali to Andre Fletcher, no run, A slower, fuller ball, around off, tucked to the leg side. Just 4 from the over! 

  • 8:46 PM IST

    2.5 Hasan Ali to Andre Fletcher, no run, A quicker delivery around off, Andre Fletcher pushes it back awkwardly to the bowler. 

  • 8:44 PM IST

    2.4 Hasan Ali to Andre Fletcher, no run, A slower back of a length delivery, around off. Andre Fletcher goes back and looks to guide this to third man, but the ball takes the edge and hits him on his body. 

  • 8:44 PM IST

    2.3 Hasan Ali to Andre Fletcher, no run, A short of a length ball, around off, zipping in, Andre Fletcher comes down the track and looks to pull, but misses. 

  • 8:42 PM IST

    2.2 Hasan Ali to Andre Fletcher, FOUR, FOUR! Andre Fletcher is in a menacing mood here. On a length, around off, Andre Fletcher smacks this one through square leg and the ball runs away. 

  • 8:42 PM IST

    2.1 Hasan Ali to Andre Fletcher, no run, Length around off, nudged to square leg. 

  • 8:41 PM IST

    Who will bowl now? Hasan Ali comes into the attack.

  • 8:41 PM IST

    1.6 Mohammad Wasim to Chris Gayle, 2 runs, In the air…safe! On a length, outside off, Gayle slices this one over point. Two fielders go after this, but fail to get to it, before it lands safe. A couple. 

  • 8:41 PM IST

    1.5 Mohammad Wasim to Chris Gayle, no run, Short of a length ball, around off, Chris Gayle taps this to point for one. 

  • 8:40 PM IST

    1.4 Mohammad Wasim to Andre Fletcher, leg byes, 1 run, Leg bye. On the pads, Andre looks to flick but the ball takes the pad and goes to the leg side. A leg bye. 

  • 8:40 PM IST

    1.3 Mohammad Wasim to Chris Gayle, 1 run, Length ball, moving away. CG slashes and the ball goes to third man, via the outside edge, for one. 

  • 8:39 PM IST

    1.2 Mohammad Wasim to Chris Gayle, FOUR, FOUR! Back-to-back from the Universe Boss! Takes the edge and runs away. On a length, slanting away, Chris Gayle throws his bat at this, the ball takes the edge and runs away to the third man fence. 

  • 8:38 PM IST

    1.1 Mohammad Wasim to Chris Gayle, FOUR, FOUR! Elegant from the southpaw. On a fuller length, around off, Chris Gayle gets low and drives this past the point fielder, for a boundary. 

  • 8:36 PM IST

    Who will bowl from the other end? It will be Mohammad Wasim.

  • 8:36 PM IST

    0.6 Mohammad Hafeez to Andre Fletcher, SIX, SIX! Goes again and gets the same result. Mohammad Hafeez concedes 14 runs off his first over. Tossed up this time, around off, Andre Fletcher gets low and slog sweeps this one all the way over deep square leg. 

  • 8:36 PM IST

    0.5 Mohammad Hafeez to Andre Fletcher, no run, Goes shortish and around off, AF taps this to square leg. 

  • 8:36 PM IST

    0.4 Mohammad Hafeez to Andre Fletcher, no run, Around off, nudged to the leg side. 

  • 8:34 PM IST

    0.3 Mohammad Hafeez to Andre Fletcher, SIX, SIX! SMACK! Andre Fletcher continues to attack Hafeez, whenever needed. Right on the third ball, that too. Dragged shortish and around middle, Andre Fletcher goes back and powers this one over deep mid-wicket. 

  • 8:34 PM IST

    0.2 Mohammad Hafeez to Chris Gayle, 1 run, Well, you do not see that everyday. Chris Gayle is sprinting to complete the single. Floated, around off, Chris Gayle presses forward and pushes it to covers for a quick run. 

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