Hardik Pandya, as all the other Team India members, is beloved by many in the country. His hairstyle may grab attention now, but it once, as a kid, used to land him in much trouble. Pandya, as he reveals, started experimenting with his hair at a very young age, and there were instances when people used to mistake him to be waiter.

Pandya revealed in Gaurav Kapoor’s Breakfast with Champions that he hated to dine out. “I looked ‘outstanding’, and I had cut my hair very short. I never used to go to Dhabas to eat without my mother because people used to think I work there as waiter. It has happened many time that I would go to wash my hands and someone would ask me to pick their plates or write down the orders.”

Pandya got some time off cricket as he was rested during India’s Test series against Sri Lanka. He would join the team for the ODIs and T20Is.