India batter Smriti Mandhana recalled an instance when her thigh was left swollen by a quick delivery from fast bowler Mohammed Shami. Mandhana, while speaking to India vice-captain Rohit Sharma and teammate Jemimah Rodrigues during a live chat, revealed how Shami’s pace was too much for her and it left the batter black and blue.

“I remember playing Shami bhaiya (Mohammed Shami) when his doing his rehab. He was bowling at a 120 waala pace (mph) to me and promised that he wouldn’t bowl on my body,” Mandhana said in the video shared by Baseline Ventures on YouTube. “I was beaten for the first two balls as I was not used to the pace. On the third ball, his in-dipper hit me on my inner thigh and it turned black, blue, and green and was swollen for 10 days.”

Rohit weighed in on the topic, mentioning Shami and Jasprit Bumrah are perhaps the toughest to face in the nets and how both pacers always licks their chops whenever he spots a spicy wicket to bowl on.

“The pitches we have for net sessions are almost always green with moisture. And whenever Shami sees a green pitch, he eats extra biryani! Bumrah is also difficult but he has been around only for two-three years,” he pointed out.

“Shami, I have been playing since 2013. But yeah, right now there must be a competition going on between Bumrah and Shami, on who beats the bat most, who can hit the most on the helmets.”