S Sreesanth’s police custody was extended by court for two more days on Sunday © PTI

New Delhi: May 26, 2013

“Dear Tushaar, Please do pray for me!”

That was the short message hastily scribbled by S Sreesanth for a 12-year-old fan who had come to the court on Sunday in the hope of meeting the Indian pacer accused in IPL spot-fixing scandal.

Tushar kept standing behind Sreesanth during the over two-hour-long court proceedings and finally managed to exchange a few words with him, besides getting his autograph.

At the beginning of proceedings in the crowded courtroom, he repeatedly tried to catch a glimpse of the cricketer and managed to attract Sreesanth’s attention.

“What’s up?” said Sreesanth as he turned around a little and shook hands with Tushar, an 8th grader of Air Force Bal Bharti School. 

“Kya Yaar, spot fixing kyu kiya (Why did you do spot- fixing)?”, was the question that followed from this young fan in a hush-hush voice as the prosecutor and the defence counsel argued their case before the Metropolitan Magistrate.

To this, Sreesanth whispered, “Yaar, maine nahi kiya (I did not do it).”

However, that was not enough for the kid, who kept asking questions and trying to understand from the mediapersons covering court proceedings as to how the advocates will defend Sreesanth.

When the proceedings were about to get over, Tushar borrowed a piece of paper from one of the scribes and asked Sreesanth for an autograph.

The cricketer, however, said he was not allowed to give autographs as he is in police custody.

On Tushar’s insistence, Sreesanth, once outside the court, took the piece of paper from him and wrote on it — “Dear Tushaar..Please do pray for me!”, with his signature. 

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