The fixture between India and Pakistan have generated huge demand of tickets among fans © Getty Images
The fixture between India and Pakistan have generated huge demand of tickets among fans © Getty Images

A cricket fever is sweeping the metroplis, with the craze for Saturday’s IndiaPakistan World Twenty 20 match tickets reaching a crescendo. The historic venue which is set to host the high-voltage clash, has a capacity of 65,000 presently which is around 35,000 less than what is used to be six years back. But still the crowd strength is enough to take the roof with their screams. Outside the nearby Mohammedan tent from where the tickets for international matches are usually sold, a giant yellow banner has been fixed which says: “No tickets will be sold from the counter.” Full Scorecard: India vs Pakistan, 19th T20 Match, Super 10 Group 2 

Several Eden Gardens can be filled up, such is the demand,” said a Cricket Association of Bengal official on Wednesday. The display also says that only through can one book a ticket to the Eden this Saturday. Still there were fans queing up in front of the counters in search of the prized paper possession.

“Dada, duto ticket hobe? (Brother, can I have two tickets for the game)” is the common question that is doing the rounds in the maidan area. And more often than not the person questioning is leaving with a glum face. The tickets are priced at Rs.1,500, Rs.1,000 and Rs.500. Besides the online distribution, tickets were given to each of the 121 CAB affiilaite units. There were also an undiclosed number of complimentaries.

“The demand for the tickets is huge according to the information I have received. It is going to be filled to the capacity this Saturday. We don’t think there’s enough place in the stadium to accommodate everyone who wants to book a ticket here. We can fill several Eden Gardens,” a senior Cricket Association of Bengal official told IANS.

The online process to register for the lottery system for the contest on March 19, started at 12 noon last Saturday for a 48-hour window. The fans, in India and abroad, registered by completing an online registration form available on the website. The registered fans were to be automatically enrolled into the random draw and then through an automated process, the winners were chosen. The winners from the random draw were then given an opportunity to buy tickets for the match.