WTC Final: Why Not Have a Rule of Playing 450 Overs? Questions Aakash Chopra
Aakash Chopra wants WTC final to have 450 overs. Image Credits: BCCI

New Delhi: Former Indian opener Aakash Chopra has questioned why we can’t play 450 overs in the ongoing World Test Championship final which is going on between India and New Zealand at the Ageas Bowl, Southampton. Day 1 and Day 4 were completely washed out due to rain and not a single ball was possible on these two days.

Earlier, the ICC had revealed the playing conditions for the World Test Championship final and had added a reserve day for the big match. However, Chopra makes a good point that why shouldn’t both the teams play a total of 450 overs, which is the standard amount of overs for the five-day format.

In fact, only 141 overs were possible in the first four days of the Test match as two days were completely washed out. 64.4 overs were possible on the second day whereas more than 75 overs were bowled on the third day’s play. Thus, rain has played a killjoy in the ongoing World Test Championship final.

“We have added a 6th day. Now we are very happy that we have this 6th day. Therefore, we can make up for some amount of lost time. Why not have a rule that let’s play 450 overs?

“Whether it takes the 6th day or some part of the 7th day as well, but get those 450 overs. I am not saying play a 10-day Test but just play the 450 overs. If you still don’t get a result, then go away, shaking your hands, saying both teams were equally good. But why not go that far since you have come this far after 2 years, and basically 144 years?” Aakash Chopra told Star Sports.

Chopra added that it will be difficult for the Indian team to get a positive result if they keep losing the overs in the final two days of the match due to rain.

“The more overs we lose, India will go further away from getting a result in their favour. The more time we lose,” Chopra said.

“Currently, New Zealand is in the driver’s seat. To win a Test match, you need to take 20 wickets. New Zealand have already taken 10, India needs 18. So you know they are in the driver’s seat. The more time you lose, the better it is for the New Zealand team,” he said.