New Delhi: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ramiz Raja believes that the involvement of the corporate sector in the game in Pakistan is important for its healthy growth, adding that he has strong plans to make PCB financially strong.

Raja was on a two-day visit to Karachi for the first time after becoming the chairman of the Pakistan Board where he met top businessmen to convince them to invest in the game for its promotion and development in the country.

“I believe we need the corporate sector in cricket for healthy growth. The purpose of meeting businessmen is the same, involving the corporate sector in the game. I have strong plans to make PCB financially strong, we just need assistance and direction to make things fall on the right track,” Raja told media on the sidelines of the meeting.

“Cricket has now become money swinger. If you have money, you have a say in the world. We can’t just rely on the ICC, we need to build ourselves financially so strong,” he added.

Talking about the withdrawal of England and New Zealand from their respective tours to Pakistan, Raja said that it made him think and it was evident that time has come for the Pakistan board to be financially strong, failing which cricket in the country will only go backwards.

“What New Zealand and England did, really made me think again. How far will we remain on backfoot? There is a need to make ourselves financially strong otherwise our cricket will go backward,” he maintained.