Hailing MS Dhoni as the greatest captain ever, India wicketkeeper Sanju Samson felt no one can simply copy him or get into his shoes. Samson also said he gets emotional when he speaks of the former India skipper.

“A guy coming from Jharkhand and becoming India”s greatest captain ever. I feel very emotional whenever I talk about Dhoni,” Samson told Rupha Ramani in a video shared by Chennai Super Kings on their Twitter handle.

“You tend to observe his game and then try to copy him but you fail. You just cannot copy him or get into his shoes,” he added.

The 25-year-old wicketkeeper also shared an interesting dream he had in the past, featuring Dhoni.

“I actually saw him in my dream where Mahi bhai was the captain of the team and he was changing the field around. I was standing in the slips and he said ”Sanju wahan ja”,” Samson said.

“Then after a few days later he stepped down as captain and I thought how will my dream come true now.

“Then there was a game between India ”A” and England where they asked him to captain. And when I was standing in the slips and he said ”Sanju udhar ja”.

“I think I should tell him that this happened and it just might bring a smile to his face,” he added.

Both Samson and Dhoni were supposed to play for their respective franchises in the Indian Premier League, which has now been postponed indefinitely amid the coronavirus lockdown.