Yuvraj Singh (left) and MS Dhoni have always appeared to be close friends © Getty Images
Yuvraj Singh (left) and MS Dhoni have always appeared to be close friends © Getty Images

India’s ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 hero Yuvraj Singh revealed that he still harbours hopes of making it back to the Indian team. Yuvarj, who last played for India in ICC World T20 2014, said in an interview that he was grateful that he made a full recovery after being diagnosed with cancer soon after his Man of the Tournament-winning World Cup performance. In an interview with The Times of India (TOI), Yuvarj said, “In 2011, I was on top of that mountain but when I was diagnosed with cancer I was down in a ditch. It will take some time to claw back to the top.” READ: Yuvraj Singh: The man who won India three World Cups

Yuvraj went on to say, “I am lucky that I have been able to play again. It was unfortunate to be diagnosed with lung cancer at the peak of my career. I was lucky to be in one of best hospitals in the USA and am grateful to my doctors and the almighty for my recovery. It’s a closed chapter now. I would rather get on with life and try and get back to where I once was. I have had some very tough years but I have still managed to keep my body in shape.” READ: ICC World Cup 2011: Yuvraj Singh creates history against Ireland

Speaking about his chances of making a national return, he said, “It’s not easy but I would definitely try to return to the national side if there is an opportunity . If I make the grade again, I should be given a decent period of time to perform. I had missed cricket for about a year and a half and right off the bat people wanted me to perform the same way I used do in the past. But when you play for India, you know the expectations are huge. I am not saying cut me some slack I am only saying if I get an opportunity , I should be given some time to settle down.” READ: Yuvraj Singh’s career shows that he is not a quitter

Yuvraj was complimentary of Virat Kohli’s captaincy, but warned that it was still early days for him and India’s new Test side. “Virat needs some time to mature as a skipper. I’m really glad to see him leading the team and winning the Test series against South Africa is a big achievement for him. I’m sure Virat will emerge as one of the better captains…He has been very aggressive all his life and it’s not easy for him change his attitude overnight. People go after him saying he’s too aggressive but yes he is an aggressive young man and wants to do well for his country. Is that wrong? You have to give him a little time. He also knows that his aggression gets the best out of him. READ: Virat Kohli: Tracing the growth of a superstar

Yuvraj also clarified his father Yograj Singh’s controversial remarks regarding Indian ODI captain MS Dhoni. “Look, I don’t have any control over what my father says. But I have never said Mahi had thrown me out of the team. I want to make it very clear that we are very good friends and I have never had any problems with Mahi. He is a friend and will remain forever.” READ: Yuvraj Singh distances himself from father Yograj’s statements against MS Dhoni