Yuvraj Singh    AFP
Yuvraj Singh: Even if he hadn’t said that, I feel that on that day I would have hit those sixes AFP

Yuvraj Singh is one of the most loved Indian cricketers. Not only in India, but he also enjoys massive fan following in other countries too. One of the main reasons behind his huge fan following is his 6 sixes in an over to Stuart Broad in the inaugural World T20 2007. He became first batsman to do so in T20 cricket and second in international cricket after Herschelle Gibbs, who infamously did it during the 2007 World Cup against Netherlands. Well, coming back to Yuvraj and his memorable 6 sixes, many stories related to it have surfaced over the years and the most successful one has been that it was Andrew Flintoff, who provoked Yuvraj which led him to create the world record.

But, was that true? Not really according to Yuvraj. In the latest episode of Breakfast With Champions, hosted by Yuvraj’s close friend Gaurav Kapoor, Yuvraj revealed, “I can only tell you my version of the story. Everyone talks about those 6 sixes. I was hit for 5 sixes by Dimitri Mascarenhas. And that day, whatever happened with Flintoff, he bowled well, I hit good shots. So he took a dig at me! So people said that, ‘Flintoff said something and that’s why Yuvraj hit 6 sixes.”

Yuvraj continued to further reveal the story by saying, “Even if he hadn’t said that, I feel that on that day I would have hit those sixes because of the way I was hitting the ball. There are some days when you know actually what’s going to happen. So I was able to calculate that. I actually felt that this is where the ball’s going to come because with the field setting. I got hit earlier, I know how pressure is. So I kept on the pressure.”

Meanwhile Gaurav interrupted in excitement and said, “You think being hit for 5 sixes actually helped you hit Broad for 6?” Responding to Gaurav, Yuvraj honestly accepted the fact and continued to add, “Exactly! Because, Now I got hit for 3 sixes. Now, Dimitri Mascarenhas knew that I wasn’t going to ball slow. So he was waiting for that fast ball. So he hit me in the same rhythm. I knew that Broad won’t aim for anything but a yorker. Because he’s under pressure right now. He has to bowl a yorker. He has to get it there. And I think that was the reason of hitting 6 balls in six different directions.”

Yuvraj’s 6 sixes not only became a world record but also helped India post a good total of 218, which they defended convincingly and won the match by 18 runs. Further, Yuvraj continued his form against Australia as well in the semi-final of the tournament by scoring another blistering 30-ball 70.