Dennis Lillee: Menace to mentor

The picture on the left shows Dennis Lillee at the age of 23 in 1972. Lillee started as a tearaway fast bowler who steamed in with a long run-up, his long hair flying and added to the fright was his intimidating moustache. He sported the look of old-time cricketers, and his hair and moustache remained a trademark throughout his career.

However, he did back up his threatening approach with great bowling and with time, he checked on the pace part and focused more accuracy. He was more than dependable and by the time he ended, he had done enough to be regarded as one of the greatest ever.

The photo on the right shows Lillee in 2011. The long hair has given way to baldness, the moustache remains, and he smiles more often. During the 1990s and the early 21st century, Lillee mentored several fast bowlers. He was associated with MRF Pace foundation in India and coached several world-class bowlers. Since 2004, Lillee has been the president of Western Australian Cricket Association (WACA).