Farokh Engineer: Brylcreem boy turns sumo wrestler!

In his playing days, Farokh Engineer was one of most good looking cricketers in the world: tall, well-built, curly hairs and long sideburns, he was every inch an attractive young man. He was truly dashing in his looks and on the field. In fact, he was a poster boy for Brylcreem. But the same man became unrecognizable as he caught up in age; gone were the chiseled features as he ballooned. And with the extraordinary weight gain, his gait changed and he looked shorter than in his youthful days. The picture on the left shows Engineer at 32, still looking well-preserved. The picture on the right (white haired) was clicked in 2011 almost unrecognisable from the handsome young man he was in his playing days.