Cricket in the Caribbean is always an enjoyable experience and when game’s biggest event, the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007, was hosted in West Indies, it promised of an electrifying atmosphere and lot of fun. But was it the case?

There were innovations too, as it was the first World Cup to feature Powerplays. But there were enough reasons to mar it. India and Pakistan were knocked out in the group stage and made way to the next round were Bangladesh and Ireland. This meant that many matches in the next stage were one-sided affairs. The game received its biggest jolt when Pakistan’s coach Bob Woolmer was found dead under mysterious circumstances in his hotel room in Kingston, hours after his side’​s defeat in hands of Ireland.

Even the final of the tournament got affected by rain and was certainly not fitting. By the time it ended, there was pitch darkness. But one fact​ couldn’t be denied that Australia were by far the best team once again and it was fair that Ricky Ponting’s men held onto the gold for the third consecutive time and fourth overall.

The tournament saw several cricketers bowing out of the game, which included the legends like Brian Lara, Inzamam-ul-Haq, Glenn McGrath, etc.

Designed by Sunil Lavate | Infographics by Suvajit Mustafi

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