Greg Chappell: Controversial as a player, controversial as a coach

T​he portrait of Greg Chappell ​on the left ​is when the master batsman was 21​, a year before he made his debut in the Perth Ashes Test in 1970. Chappell then looked like a soldier. The picture on the right is of Chappell at age 65. Still a disciplinarian to the core, Chappell’s moustache has given way to a clean shaven look and in fact the receding hairline gives him the half-bald look.

Chappell was one of the greatest batsmen of his generation​. The younger brother of Ian Chappell​, Greg led Australia in 48 Tests between 1975 to 1983​. Post retirement in 1984, Chappell has been involved with the game in various capacities. He has served the sport as a commentator, coach and selector. He was the Australian selector from 1984 to 1988 and the South Australian coach in the 1990s.​ ​In 2005, he was also appointed as the coach of Indian team​. It was probably the unhappiest phase of his career, as his differences with captain Sourav Ganguly led to a public battle between the two.

The under-arm bowling incident was a blot in his career as his win-at-all-cost approach made him ask his younger brother, Trevor, roll the last ball of the game ball along the ground to prevent the New Zealand batsman from hitting a six and winning the One-Day International. His tenure as Team India’s coach did nothing to help his image as a controversial man.