Jeff Thomson and Cheryl Wilson: The Bold & The Beautiful

Jeff Thomson was the epitome of a mega, macho Australian poster boy: he was tall, well-built, flamboyant and a fast bowler whose ability bowl thunderbolts made him a huge star. His strikingly good looks added to his image and he was very much a cynosure of ladies’ eyes.

Thomson bid goodbye to the life in the glamorous lane and settled for a married life when he tied the knot with Cheryl Wilson, a good-looking model of the times. It’s another matter that Thommo forgot within a month the name of the church where he got married, other than the fact that it was opposite a police station! Incidentally, the flowers for his wedding were supplied by a florist who too had opened the bowling for Australia. The name of the florist? Ray Lindwall!

In the above photo, Thomson and Cheryl are modeling outfits for an Australian chainstore on March 1, 1978.