Phil Edmonds and Frances Edmonds: In happier times

The 1985 photo ​(above) shows f​ormer England cricketer Phil Edmonds​ frolicking in the swmming pool with wife Frances Edmonds.

Frances is a British writer and known for her books, ‘Another Bloody Tour: England in West Indies (1986)’ and ‘Cricket XXXX Cricket (1987)’, which was about touring with her husband Phil. She was also seen as a castaway on the BBC Radio programme Desert Island Discs on August 9, 1987. The couple was known as the ‘golden couple of English cricket.’ They got married on October 30, 1976.

​Frances​ is an expert in working with multinational and multi-cultural organisations as a keynote speaker and moderator. She has been also voted for Britain’s most entertaining female after-dinner speaker by The Times. She got a Masters Degree in Modern Languages from Cambridge University and joined the Commission of the European Union in Brussels as an international conference interpreter. For over a decade, she worked to facilitate communication and cooperation within all the major international organisations and between the heads of state and government at their annual World Economic Summits. Her years spent negotiating at the highest level fostered her expertise in cross-cultural communication and consensus creation.

Phil was born on March 8, 1951 to an English father and a Belgian mother in Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia. He was considered a better bowler as compared to his figures. He played for England in 51 Tests and 29 One-Day Internationals out which he took 125 wickets in Tests and 26 wickets in ODIs.

The ​Phil and Frances​ marriage produced a daughter, but in 2007 their relationship ended in a divorce.