PHOTO: ‘Grateful’ Virat Kohli explains how dreams come true with a throwback image
Courtesy: Getty Images

Indian cricketers enjoy fandom and adulation like no one else. Wherever they go, whatever they do, the scrutinising eyes of media chase them constantly. They do enjoy this fame, which comes to them right after they play one good innings after breaking on to the scene. People envy and at times criticise the success and fame coming to them this early, but what they forget is it takes years of hard work and toil for the players to become an overnight sensation, to make their dreams come true. ALSO READ: UK Prime Minister David Cameron demands Virat Kohli in exchange for Vijay Mallya’s extradition

India’s Test skipper Virat Kohli is a classic example. The cricketer from Delhi has worked hard his way up in international cricket. Even today, after achieving so much, he remains an ideal role model for the youngsters with his tremendous work ethics. Kohli is extremely humble, grateful and thankful about his journey from being a star-struck boy to a cricketing icon. He displayed his virtues with a throwback image he recently shared with legendary batsman Rahul Dravid. He wrote on his Twitter handle:

Kohli shared the same image through his official Instagram account as well, writing, “Moments like these make you believe and feel grateful for where you are. Once I was trying to make eye contact with this legend as a child and then was interviewed by the same legend while playing Test cricket for India. I guess dreams do come true. All you have to do is always believe in yourself. #grateful #thankful.”

The humility with which Kohli shared the image speaks volumes about how success has to be handled. The star cricketer also gave a lesson or two on how there is no substitute to hard work and how you need to believe in yourself and back yourself for realising your dreams. Hope millions of young Indians, who aspire to become like him, are reading this.