SRT Joke Haha
Sachin Tendulkar’s joke was taken a bit too seriously by his fans! Photo courtesy: Sachin Tendulkar on Facebook

Legendary India batsman Sachin Tendulkar has ruled the hearts of millions of his fans for more than two decades now. Despite retiring from the sport in 2013, the Master Blaster still holds sway over his fans, as was proved by recently on Twitter and Instagram.

Tendulkar, who holds many a record in international cricket, attended the semi-final between Roger Federer and Andy Murray at Wimbledon, following which he paid a visit to the village of Great Haseley, a small village in Oxfordshire county. It was here that Sachin decided to fool around with his social media followers by posting an image of himself waiting at a bus stop with the textIn Great Haseley Oxfordshire. Missed the last bus, can anyone give me a lift??”

Little did Tendulkar know what was to come. He was bombarded with messages from his adoring fans, most of whom offered instant help to their ‘God’. The messages left behind disappointed devotees, who rued the fact that Sachin was stranded in the United Kingdom and not anywhere in India, as well as fans arriving at the spot only to find their hero gone. Even Harbhajan Singh, who is currently touring Zimbabwe along with the Indian team, offered to come to his rescue.





Tendulkar’s clarification on the issue however, was not enough for his fans to stop fawning over him. According to one user on Twitter, “god level sarcasm is obviously difficult to understand for humans!”