Cricket is indeed one of the most thrilling games in the world and to some extent, it’s funny as well. The funniness is not just limited to its style of gameplay but also the funny moments that pop up on the field ocassionally. It ranges from on-field oncidents to players and to the fans at the stadium as well. Numerous incidents have occured so far that have been termed quite funny and have made people go LOL. Some of those moments on field have been serious of embarassing. However, it has never failed to entertain the viewers as we take a look at the top 10 quirky cricketing moments.

1. Suresh Raina mocks Billy Bowden

The incident happened back in 2012 during an ODI match between India and Pakistan in Chennai when following a catch review, Billy Bowden raised his curved finger to give his decision as OUT, only to be mocked by Suresh Raina in a similar fashion, who was standing just behind him.

2. Insane pitch invasion in-between match

It happened during the 1983 Prudential World Cup semi-final match between India and England at Old Trafford, when India needed three runs to win. As the batsmen scramblled for a coupl eof the next ball, the crowd ran on to the field despite the scores being tied and a run still required for India to win. The crowd was sent back and following a run off the next ball, the crowd ran back again. Top 10 cricketers to represent two countries in international cricket

3. Ronnie Irani crowd exercise

England bowling all-rounder, Ronnie Irani had a famous moment on-field in England during the 2007 ODI series against Australia at Leeds when he showingly performed an exercise and the Australian crowd mocked him in the similar fashion.

4. Shakib Al Hasan’s catch under Ashwell Prince’s leg

Bangladesh‘s Shakib Al Hasan too had his HA-HA-HA moment on the field, when he took a funny catch after sneaking under the leg of Ashwell Prince at the non-strikers end to get rid of Justin Kemp in an ODI. Top 10 best kits in cricket history

5. Bee attack in cricket match


There have also been instances whre there have been attacks on the field by some tiny flying and dangerous cricketers, commonly known as the bees. And indeed, they are the honey bees. It happened in numerous instances and also involving India in a Test match in 2008 against Australia as the picture above denotes the players alongwith the umpire, Billy Bowden lying on the field to avoid getting seriously bitten or injured as a swarm of bees fly bu the field.

6. Brad Haddin gets his high five in the eyes

I happened back in 2014 during an ODI enocunter against Australia, when a wicket in the form of Shikhar Dhawan and its celebration almost took the eye of wicketkeeper Brad Haddin, when James Faulkner‘s attempted high-five accidently struck Haddin in his eyes and had to leave the field after a couple of overs as it really seemed to trouble him. Top 10 memorable innings played by Indian cricketers

7. Samit Patel ‘Hilarious’ run out

It was indeed one of the funniest on-field incidents and run-ot one would ever see in cricket. England’s Samit Patel, who was playing a domestic county match for Nottinghamshire against Derbyshire was involved in one of the funniest run out incident when he went for a run after hitting the ball, but wanted to back off after running a few steps. However, he slipped in the middle of the pitch off his both legs and was unable to get up on time as he knew it was futile and too late. And indeed it was as he was run out at the wicketkeeper’s end in the most hilarious fashion.

8. Lou Vincent losing his trousers

It is indeed one of the most embarrasing moment on field of any sport, and it did happen in the field of cricket when New Zealand fielder, Lou Vincent attempted a desperate dive at the boundary line in an ODI against West Indies. However, he lost his pants in the process of the dive, but out of sportmanship, he continued to field and throw the ball back, amking the viewers go LOL. 10 Biggest Upsets in ODI history

9. Mark Richardson’s funny flying bat

New Zealand batsman, Mark Richardson ahs been invloved in a couple of funny incidents on field. However, his most funny incident involved the flying bat. He had struck a boundary off fast-bowler, Ajit Agarkar in a Test in 2002 off a straght-drive. However, while reaching at the non-strikers end, he went for a wild swing in the air and halriously, his bat flung in the air, landing just a few steps away from the umpire to whom he instantly apologised.

10. Michel Carberry breaks his bat in a weird fashion

There have been numerous instances of batsmen breaking their bats, mostly due to going for a big shot or applying a genuine stroke. However, England’s Michael Carberry broke his bat in the most weird fashion as a defensive stroke shattered his willow. It happened back in The Ashes in 2014 at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), when a good-length delivery from all-rounder Ryan Harris was comfortably defended by Carberry. However, his bat split in two, haging just by the balance of the sponsor sticker and kepping evrybody on field wondering that how on earth was that possible. Top 10 dangerous bowlers of all-time