Sachin Tendulkar retirement: Bookies place heavy bets on Little Master's final series

Sachin Tendulkar will retire after playing his 200th Test for India aginst West Indies © IANS

Oct 31, 2013

Bets worth about Rs1,000 crores is believed to be placed on Sachin Tendulkar’s scores during his last two Tests. Bookies are trying to cash-in on the huge amount of interest for Tendulkar’s final series for India against West Indies.

Bookies opined that the first and second Test would likely see the betting worth be around Rs 500 crore and Rs 600 crore respectively on Tendulkar’s scores.

“A major part of the money in these two Tests will be placed on runs Sachin makes,” a Mumbai-based bookie was quoted as saying by Times of India.

The bookie also said that the two Test matches are going to witness betting in terms of around Rs 800 crore, and most of those bets will be on Tendulkar.

As per the rates, Tendulkar scoring 25 runs in either of the two innings would lead to a return of 12 paise for every rupee. For every half-century, the return will be 18 paise. For a century it will go up to Re 2. If Tendulkar scores a double century in any of the two innings, punters will earn a landfall of Rs 8.

Sachin Tendulkar Retirement