Series Afghanistan in Sri Lanka, 2024

Sri Lanka Vs Afghanistan Live Cricket Score - Live Cricket Score, 3rd T20I - Full Scorecard


Batting R B 4s 6s SR
Hazratullah Zazailbw b Akila Dananjaya 45 22 6 2 204.55
Akila Dananjaya to Hazratullah Zazai, OUT! LBW! A huge confident appeal for LBW but the Umpire turns it down. A review is taken by Wanindu Hasaranga. Around the wicket and on a fuller length in front of the stumps, and angles back into the batter on middle, Hazratullah Zazai goes across, sits on his knee, and looks to sweep but plays outside the line of the ball and wears it around the box area right in front of the stumps. UltraEdge shows no bat involved and the Ball Tracker confirms three reds as the ball is clearly hitting the leg stump. An excellent review by Wanindu Hasaranga. A big wicket for Sri Lanka as they see the back of Hazratullah Zazai who was up and running.
Rahmanullah Gurbazc Sadeera Samarawickrama b Wanindu Hasaranga 70 43 7 1 162.79
Wanindu Hasaranga to Rahmanullah Gurbaz, OUT! TAKEN! Wanindu Hasaranga gets the big fish, Rahmanullah Gurbaz! A much-needed breakthrough for Sri Lanka. This is slower through the air, full and around middle, Rahmanullah Gurbaz skips down the track and tries to lift it with a straight bat, but fails to get under it and miscues it high in the air, Sadeera Samarawickrama at long on runs a long way to his left, settles under it and this time holds onto the catch. Gurbaz goes back after a blistering knock but this game has opened up now.
Ibrahim Zadran (C)c Wanindu Hasaranga b Akila Dananjaya 10 9 1 0 111.11
Akila Dananjaya to Ibrahim Zadran, OUT! IN THE AIR AND GONE! Akila Dananjaya strikes again! Ibrahim Zadran walks back for a rare low score. This is floated, full and on middle, Ibrahim Zadran goes down and tries to slog it away, but gets it from the toe-end of the bat and does not get the distance. As a result, it goes high up in the air, Wanindu Hasaranga runs forward from long on, settles under it, and pouches it safely to send back the Afghan skipper. 
Azmatullah Omarzaic Kusal Perera b Matheesha Pathirana 31 23 3 0 134.78
Matheesha Pathirana to Azmatullah Omarzai, OUT! TAKEN! Fantastic catch by Kusal Perera! And finally, Pathirana gets a breakthrough. Guns it on a fuller length outside off, Azmatullah Omarzai looks to find the gap through the covers but ends up slicing it due to excessive pace. The ball rockets from his bat and Kusal Perera takes a fabulous reaction catch at point. It came in a span of just a couple of milliseconds to him. An excellent knock from Omarzai comes to an end.
Mohammad Nabinot out 16 14 1 0 114.29
Karim Janatb Matheesha Pathirana 0 1 0 0 0
Matheesha Pathirana to Karim Janat, OUT! KNOCKED HIM OVER! Pathirana has also arrived! Just when Afghanistan were looking to go guns blazing, they have lost two quick wickets.  A pin-point yorker tailing just a bit on the middle and leg stump at 149.4 clicks, Karim Janat has no idea to negotiate that and it goes through his defence and rattles the sticks in a blink as he is too late to jam his bat down. Two in two for Pathirana and now he is on a hat-trick.
Mohammad Ishaq (W)not out 16 8 1 1 200
Extras (lb 10, w 11, nb 0, b 0) 21 TOTAL 209 -5 in 20.0 overs (10.45 runs per over)
Fall of wickets :1-88 (Hazratullah Zazai , 7.2 overs), 2-113 (Ibrahim Zadran , 10.2 overs), 3-141 (Rahmanullah Gurbaz , 13.5 overs), 4-182 (Azmatullah Omarzai , 18.1 overs), 5-182 (Karim Janat , 18.2 overs)
Did not bat : Sharafuddin Ashraf, Noor Ahmad, Fareed Ahmad, Wafadar Momand, Qais Ahmad
Bowling overs M R W Econ Extras
Angelo Mathews2 0 21 0 10.5 0nb, 0w
Nuwan Thushara4 0 48 0 12 0nb, 1w
Matheesha Pathirana4 0 42 2 10.5 0nb, 3w
Akila Dananjaya4 0 37 2 9.25 0nb, 0w
Wanindu Hasaranga4 0 35 1 8.75 0nb, 0w
Dasun Shanaka2 0 16 0 8 0nb, 0w

Sri Lanka

Batting R B 4s 6s SR
Pathum Nissankaretired hurt 60 30 8 2 200
Kusal Mendis (W)c Sharafuddin Ashraf b Fareed Ahmad 16 13 3 0 123.08
Fareed Ahmad to Kusal Mendis, OUT! IN THE AIR AND GONE! Fareed Ahmad after all that pelting, gets a wicket now! He continues with his fuller length, keeps it away form the batter outside off, Kusal Mendis throws his hands at it but only manages to slice it up in the air, Sharafuddin Ashraf at cover-point back peddles, keeps his eyes firmly on the ball, and pouches it on the reverse-cup diving backward. However, he hits the back of the head hard on the ground, stays down and looks in a lot of pain, but keeps hold of the ball. Sri Lanka lose their first wicket!
Kusal Pereralbw b Noor Ahmad 0 2 0 0 0
Noor Ahmad to Kusal Perera, OUT! LBW! Noor Ahmad strikes straightaway! Kusal Perera after scoring over 300 runs in the recently concluded ILT20 has to walk back for a duck here. This is the googly, full and on middle, turns in a bit, Kusal Perera goes down to sweep it away but misses it completely and gets hit on the pads right in front of the stumps. A huge shout for LBW, and up goes the finger. Perera takes the review after consulting with his partner. UltraEdge confirms no bat involved and Ball Tracking shows three reds. Sri Lanka lose their second and a review as well!
Wanindu Hasaranga (C)c Ibrahim Zadran b Mohammad Nabi 13 11 2 0 118.18
Mohammad Nabi to Wanindu Hasaranga, OUT! TAKEN! Mohammad Nabi gets rid of the opposition skipper here! He floats this one up, full and around leg. Wanindu Hasaranga dances down the track to slog it away but fails to get under it and hits it much straighter and flatter towards long on, Ibrahim Zadran runs forward and pouches it safely. Another big wicket fro Afghanistan as Hasaranga has been in decent form recently. Sri Lanka three down now!
Sadeera Samarawickramac Mohammad Ishaq b Qais Ahmad 23 12 2 1 191.67
Qais Ahmad to Sadeera Samarawickrama, OUT! CAUGHT BEHIND! A crucial, crucial wicket and Qais Ahmed has just dismissed the man in-form Sadeera Samarawickrama on 23 off 12. Qais Ahmad flattens the trajectory this time and bowls a quicker one slightly outside off on a tad fuller length, Sadeera Samarawickrama with no real foot movement looks to clear the infield over the covers but he plays over the line of the ball and takes a faint inside edge off his blade. The ball magnets to the keeper's gloves in the end, who takes a good reaction catch behind the wickets. Qais Ahmad was brought in as the concussion sub and he did the job quite well for his team and has put Afghanistan in a commanding position now. A few dot balls created more pressure on Sadeera Samarawickrama and he tries to release it  with the big shot but fails dramatically and walks back to the hut.
Kamindu Mendisnot out 65 39 7 2 166.67
Angelo Mathewsc Qais Ahmad b Mohammad Nabi 4 5 0 0 80
Mohammad Nabi to Angelo Mathews, OUT! TAKEN IN THE DEEP! The bat change did not work fro Angelo Mathews and he holes out now. This is floated, full and around middle, Angelo Mathews goes down to slog-sweep it, connects well but fails to get the elevation and hits it flat and straight into the hands of Qais Ahmad at deep mid-wicket who makes no mistake. Sri Lanka loses half their side now and still needs 59 runs off 25 balls now!
Dasun Shanakarun out (Mohammad Nabi / Mohammad Ishaq) 13 8 1 1 162.5
Azmatullah Omarzai to Dasun Shanaka, OUT! RUN OUT! Excellent piece of fielding from the President and the crowd goes absolutely silent here. Azmatullah Omarzai bangs in a sharp short ball here, in the middle, Dasun Shanaka gets hurried and miscues his pull shot in front of deep mid-wicket, he turns around for the second run, but Mohammad Nabi is quick to pounce on the ball and delivers a rocket throw at the batter's end where Mohammad Ishaq does the rest. Shanaka puts in a dive in but that does not save him and the replay confirms it as well. He has to walk back just when he was starting to get going.
Akila Dananjayanot out 4 1 1 0 400
Extras (lb 1, w 6, nb 1, b 0) 8 TOTAL 206 -6 in 20.0 overs (10.30 runs per over)
Fall of wickets :1-64 (Kusal Mendis , 5.5 overs), 2-65 (Kusal Perera , 6.2 overs), 3-93 (Wanindu Hasaranga , 9.2 overs), 4-146 (Sadeera Samarawickrama , 14.5 overs), 5-151 (Angelo Mathews , 15.5 overs), 6-187 (Dasun Shanaka , 18.5 overs)
Did not bat : Nuwan Thushara, Matheesha Pathirana
Bowling overs M R W Econ Extras
Wafadar Momand3 0 35 0 11.67 0nb, 1w
Azmatullah Omarzai4 0 42 0 10.5 0nb, 3w
Fareed Ahmad2 0 30 1 15 1nb, 0w
Noor Ahmad4 0 37 1 9.25 0nb, 1w
Mohammad Nabi4 0 35 2 8.75 0nb, 1w
Qais Ahmad2 0 17 1 8.5 0nb, 0w
Karim Janat1 0 9 0 9 0nb, 0w

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