Series West Indies in Australia, 2024

Australia Vs West Indies Live Cricket Score - Live Cricket Score, 3rd T20I - Full Scorecard

West Indies

Batting R B 4s 6s SR
Johnson Charlesc Matthew Wade b Xavier Bartlett 4 6 1 0 66.67
Xavier Bartlett to Johnson Charles, OUT! EDGED AND GONE! Xavier Bartlett serves this one on a hard length over middle and gets it to shape away a bit after pitching. Johnson Charles stays leg side of the ball and clears the front leg to have a heave across the line but only manages to get a feather edge through to the keeper. Matthew Wade makes no mistake and Bartlett, just like he did in the ODIs, picks up his maiden T20I wicket in the very first over.
Kyle Mayersb Xavier Bartlett 11 7 2 0 157.14
Xavier Bartlett to Kyle Mayers, OUT! DRAGGED ON! Xavier Bartlett can do no wrong against the Windies! He gets his second and West Indies are in deep, deep trouble now. Xavier Bartlett hits the length hard again, on off, angling away, he gets some extra bounce as well, Kyle Mayers stays in his crease and tries to guide it away, but fails to ride the bounce and gets an inside edge back onto the stumps. Aussies on top here!
Nicholas Pooran (W)c Glenn Maxwell b Jason Behrendorff 1 3 0 0 33.33
Jason Behrendorff to Nicholas Pooran, OUT! EDGED AND GONE AGAIN! The last ball of the over brings up a wicket for the Aussies once more, and this is a big one as Nikky P goes back cheaply here. Jason Behrendorff pitches this one up, outside off, shaping away sharply, Nicholas Pooran goes chasing after it without much footwork, the ball catches the outside edge and flies to first slip where Glenn Maxwell takes a sharp catch low to his right. West Indies two down in no time!
Roston Chaseb Adam Zampa 37 20 3 2 185
Adam Zampa to Roston Chase, OUT! BOWLED'EM! Adam Zampa brings out the googly now and dishes it very full on off stump, the ball turns back in. Roston Chase backs away a lot and looks to hammer it over the cover region but is beaten all ends up and the ball castles into the wickets. Zampa breaks the stand and Australia have their fourth wicket. Chase looked good but has to depart now.
Rovman Powell (C)c Matthew Wade b Aaron Hardie 21 14 3 0 150
Aaron Hardie to Rovman Powell, OUT! CAUGHT BEHIND! Aaron Hardie strikes now! This is a great piece of bowling from him to get rid of the opposition skipper. He takes pace off and lands this back of a length, just around off, gets some extra bounce as well, Rovman Powell tries to run it down to third man but only manages to nick it behind where Matthew Wade makes no mistake. West Indies lose half their side now inside 10 overs!
Sherfane Rutherfordnot out 67 40 5 5 167.5
Andre Russellc Glenn Maxwell b Spencer Johnson 71 29 4 7 244.83
Spencer Johnson to Andre Russell, OUT! CAUGHT! High again but not long enough this time and Andre Russell departs after an absolute colossal knock. This is bowled full and on off stump yet again by Spencer Johnson, Dre Russ continues to stay deep in the crease and goes after it. The ball is launched high and toward long off where Maxwell comes in a bit and takes a simple catch. Russell walks back and Australia have some respite.
Romario Shepherdnot out 2 2 0 0 100
Extras (lb 1, w 3, nb 1, b 1) 6 TOTAL 220 -6 in 20.0 overs (11.00 runs per over)
Fall of wickets :1-4 (Johnson Charles , 0.6 overs), 2-7 (Nicholas Pooran , 1.6 overs), 3-17 (Kyle Mayers , 2.5 overs), 4-72 (Roston Chase , 7.5 overs), 5-79 (Rovman Powell , 8.4 overs), 6-218 (Andre Russell , 19.4 overs)
Did not bat : Jason Holder, Akeal Hosein, Alzarri Joseph
Bowling overs M R W Econ Extras
Xavier Bartlett4 0 37 2 9.25 0nb, 0w
Jason Behrendorff4 0 31 1 7.75 0nb, 1w
Spencer Johnson4 0 49 1 12.25 0nb, 0w
Aaron Hardie4 0 36 1 9 0nb, 2w
Adam Zampa4 0 65 1 16.25 1nb, 0w


Batting R B 4s 6s SR
Mitchell Marsh (C)c Jason Holder b Akeal Hosein 17 13 2 1 130.77
Akeal Hosein to Mitchell Marsh, OUT! IN THE AIR AND GONE! Akeal Hosein makes the breakthrough! Lands it short and just outside off. Marsh goes back for the pull, but the ball sticks to the surface a bit, and he miscues it off the top edge toward long on. Jason Holder settles under it and takes a simple catch. The Australian skipper departs as Australia lose their first one for 68 runs.
David Warnerc Andre Russell b Roston Chase 81 49 9 3 165.31
Roston Chase to David Warner, HOLES OUT! A massive wicket for the Windies and Roston Chase gets the big fish here. He bowls it full and on off. Warner gets low to slog it but fails to get under it and mistimes it straight to the man at deep mid-wicket fence. Andre Russell settles under it and takes a simple catch. Warner's breezy knock of 81 comes to an end and the hosts are in a bit of trouble now.
Aaron Hardieb Romario Shepherd 16 16 2 0 100
Romario Shepherd to Aaron Hardie, OUT! BOWLED'EM! Romario Shepherd strikes! Lands it full, just outside off. Hardie looks to carve it away but gets an inside edge, and chops it back onto the stumps. Australia lose their second as Hardie departs for just 16.
Josh Inglisc & b Roston Chase 1 3 0 0 33.33
Roston Chase to Josh Inglis, OUT! CAUGHT & BOWLED! Roston Chase gets a big wicket! Flighted delivery drifting on the stumps. Inglis leans forward a tad early and ends up chipping it back to the bowler, who takes a good catch in his follow-through. Australia are in a spot of bother as they are 4 wickets down and the required run rate is climbing up. 
Glenn Maxwellb Romario Shepherd 12 14 2 0 85.71
Romario Shepherd to Glenn Maxwell, OUT! BOWLED'EM! Romario Shepherd gets his man! Bowls a brilliant slower ball, right in the blockhole. Maxwell is through the shot early, gets an inside edge onto the pad, and goes on to hit the stumps. Huge blow for Australia as the Big Show departs now.
Tim Davidnot out 41 19 2 4 215.79
Matthew Wade (W)not out 7 7 0 0 100
Extras (lb 1, w 5, nb 1, b 1) 8 TOTAL 183 -5 in 20.0 overs (9.15 runs per over)
Fall of wickets :1-68 (Mitchell Marsh , 6.3 overs), 2-114 (Aaron Hardie , 12.3 overs), 3-116 (David Warner , 13.1 overs), 4-117 (Josh Inglis , 13.6 overs), 5-152 (Glenn Maxwell , 17.2 overs)
Did not bat : Adam Zampa, Spencer Johnson, Jason Behrendorff, Xavier Bartlett
Bowling overs M R W Econ Extras
Alzarri Joseph4 0 38 0 9.5 0nb, 0w
Jason Holder4 0 49 0 12.25 1nb, 2w
Andre Russell1 0 11 0 11 0nb, 0w
Romario Shepherd4 0 31 2 7.75 0nb, 3w
Akeal Hosein3 0 33 1 11 0nb, 0w
Roston Chase4 0 19 2 4.75 0nb, 0w

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