Consumption of liquids is essential to avoid dehydration

Drinking water is the best way to deal with dehydration on the field © Getty Images

Cricketers coming from South Africa, England, Australia and New Zealand touring the sub-continent often face trouble with heat and humidity.


Drinking water is the best way to deal with dehydration on the field. But, in spite of various trainers and specialists, not all cricketers are aware of the way of taking in liquids to avoid getting cramps and feeling dehydrated.


During Australia’s tour of India in 1998, the tall Aussie fast bowler Michael Kasprowicz faced a similar ordeal. The seamer from Down Under would drink a lot of water, or in Javagal Srinath’s words, he used to gulp a lot of water after every over which led to fatigue and feeling of restlessness. The Indian speedster offered him a simple advice that helped him go a long way in that tour of India and every following tour to the subcontinent. Srinath asked him to sip small quantities of water which worked wonderfully for Kasprowicz.


In conditions similar to what Australian fast bowler faced, it is best advised to take in small quantities of water, hold it in the mouth for a while and then drink it. This keeps the body refreshed, energetic and helps in dealing with dehydration and cramps.


Drinking a lot of water in hot and humid conditions also results in weight loss as Kasprowicz found out. He had lost more than eight kilograms in less than three weeks.