Remember EA Sports Cricket 2007, where you blocked a ball and scampered for a single, only to find in horror that the close-in fielder or wicket-keeper ran you out? AB de Villiers had done the same at Bulawayo in 2014. AB had just walked out, and was on strike. Prosper Utseya sent a flat one down leg, and de Villiers missed it.

The ball bounced off Richard Mutumbami’s gloves and rolled next to the stumps. AB, for reasons only known to him, decided to go for a run with the ball about a foot away from Mutumbami. Nobody had remotely guessed that he would run; Faf du Plessis, batting at the other end, certainly was not.

All a confused Mutumbami had to do was pick up the ball and take the bails off and break into a half-celebration. De Villiers was left stranded halfway down, and all he could manage on his way back was a smile.