A video of Australian all-rounder Andrew Symonds singing the popular Bollywood song, ‘Aati Kya Khandala’ in the Bigg Boss 5 season.
Symonds then proposed to Shonali and Pooja Misrra in a desi filmi style. The next time the task bell rings in Bigg Boss 5 home, Andrew proposes to Juhi to the tune of Aati kya khandala. Sky helps him in the difficult parts. But intead of Aati kya Khandala, he sings Aati kya Rundaala, the Bigg Boss 5 housmates burst into laughter on hearing this. The housemates have a lot of fun with Andrew’s acts.
Earlier Andrew Symonds played the role of legendary villain from Sholay Gabbar Singh in the last episode of Bigg Boss 5. The Australian delivered the famous dialogues from Sholay with ease and with the right pauses in Hindi, a language which he isn't accustomed to in daily life.
This role got him enough kudos from both the in-mates as well the viewers.