The dissatisfaction against Decision Review System (DRS) is increasing with each passing day. Now the group against DRS has been joined by former Australian great wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist.

According to wicketkeeper batsman DRS is all about frustration. The DRS has come under scanner in the wake of the controversial first Ashes Test between England andAustralia which witnessed a number of umpiring howlers.

The Test at Trent Bridge which witnessed some umpiring howlers was a "difficult one", said Dave Richardson, ICC’s chief executive.

As to why ICC issued a press release on the umpiring statistics after the match, Richardson replied, "I think we needed to put things straight. It was a dificult Test match and the pitch wasn't easy one. Every five overs, something was happening and we needed to come clean and admit the errors. There were seven umpiring errors and four were corrected."

(with inputs from PTI)