Richie Benaud: ‘Lambassador’ for Australia Day lamb campaign

Richie Benaud’s as a commentator has been often been called the ‘voice of cricket’.

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When he played, he was a fine leader and one of game’s truest entertainers and it didn’t stop with him calling quits, Richie Benaud’s as a commentator has been often been called the ‘voice of cricket’.

Benaud has been missing from the commentary scenes as he battles skin cancer, but the legendary Australian cricketer will be on TV screen, when the iconic Australia Day Lamb campaign advertisement goes air on Sunday.

The new advertisement developed by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), opens dramatically on the open sea as we see a ship sailing towards the Australian shores. The Captain of it is the legendary James Cook, who receives a phone call from Benaud inviting him to a lamb BBQ at his place on Australia Day. Benaud is then seen calling out other legendary Australians like explorers Burke and Wills, Sam Kekovich, Sir Don Bradman among others, and inviting them to join him in a lamb barbecue.

The video has its bit of fun, when we see humorist Billy Birmingham, famous for impersonating Benaud as the 12th man, calling Benaud up but gets the snub.

As reported by The Land, Benaud said, “For me, this year’s campaign encapsulates what Australia Day is all about; Australians getting together for a lamb BBQ.”

Michael Edmonds, MLA central marketing and industry insights general manager, said “Having Richie Benaud on board allows us to really encapsulate and celebrate the spirit of Australia Day. He is as iconic to Australians as lamb itself, so we couldn’t think of anyone more fitting to join our Lambassador Sam Kekovich in this next chapter of the Australia Day Lamb campaign.”

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