A video of India vice-captain Virat Kohli during the first Test match against Australia in Chennai.
Kohli spoke on MS Dhoni's iconic innings in Chennai and said that if the latter bats like that no one has much to stay, no one needs to say anything.
Kohli said it was brilliant effort by Dhoni to come in and bat after Sachin Tendulkar was dismissed, India needed to capitalise at that point, needed a big partnership.
Kohli further added that he had a good partnership with Dhoni.
The vice-captain said that it shows Dhoni's capability of hitting the ball clean.
Speaking about his innings, Kohli said he was happy that he got some big runs as he had a good consistent run and then few lapses in the one-dayers made the difference.

He said sometimes one needs to get away from the game and get his mind fresh and that helped Kohli a lot.